Will this be a good feature?


In raids, when your character is hit he gets some mana

Because if you think of it, if you vs the exact same team as yours, you will almost always loose unless you have a good board since enemies gain mana way quicker and attack on top


If I face the exact same team as me, I’m going to probably win frankly; the one time I have faced a mirror image team, I did win actually.

The problem is attackers still have an advantage over defenders although it is way closer than it was previously… and this change would fundamentally change a bunch of other things besides raids on the assumption that mechanic is shared across the various types of play.

As a result, everything including raid defenses would have to be tweaked… while that might be for the better in some cases, things are basically functional now and I don’t really think changes which would re-landscape a wide swath inside the game make much sense.

Kid glove tweaks from here on out to fine tune raids without impacting everything else too would be my preferred developer strategy.


Thats exactly why you need to have more than only 5 good heroes.

More heroes gives you the chance to fight better more different teams and understand raid logic and weak/strong points.