Will they ever address the clunkiness of the game?

Specifically the time it takes for your turn to move? The delay is too long, I often find myself having to redo combo or do the wrong combos because of the god awful amount of time it takes to wait for the tiles to movable after an enemy’s turn.

? I never have this problem. You might want to check with Game Support to see where the error lies. I’m thinking, “not the game.”

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Nah, it’s the game. The tiles are dim until you can move them, and they’re dim too long… or I’m too fast, maybe most people don’t have my problem.

I have the same problem, and it seems to have gotten slightly worse with this latest update. It’s mainly just a minor annoyance for me, though, except for titans where the extra delay can throw off my timing and cost me one or two tile matches.


@LucasDaoc @lexinen Video? Maybe we can compare notes…

Video wouldn’t show anything… it’s a micro-second longer but it has thrown my timing off.

I’m not sure what you mean by the tiles being “dim”, but I do agree that there is a slight gap between when it looks like you should be able to make a move and when the input will actually register. It’s usually only bad when animations need to finish. Still, I’ve gotten so used to it that removing that buffer might throw me off more than it would help.

This is exactly what we mean. After your turn ends, if the enemy can do anything afterward (attack or use a special), your tile set will dim indicating that you can’t make swaps during that time. Once the enemy finishes their turn, the tile set will brighten again and you can make another swap.

The issue I noticed is that it seems like the “dimness” (i.e. not being able to move) lasts maybe a quarter of a second longer than it did before the last update. I can try to record a raid with the new update and compare it to one of my old ones.


Wow, I didn’t expect to say this, but I think you’re totally right. I just ran a few farming levels and raids as quickly as possible, and did notice a small but consistent delay (0.1-0.2 seconds) that I don’t remember from before. While that seems small, it does add up over time. Interestingly, it only occurred after an enemy slash attack or DoT/heal effect, not after a special fired or if no actions resolved during the enemy turn. @Petri could you look into this? It really does feel like some new code is inadvertently adding a pause between the enemy turn and yours, perhaps some sort of HP check.


For comparison, here’s a random raid I recorded tonight:

And here’s one from July:

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