Will there be someone who takes Anchor's place maintaining the hero grading?


@Razor has an alternative, alas it is based on the Anchor base which isn’t been looked at in at least a month if i see that Künchen is the last hero written but not filled out.

The ratings on the newest heroes aren’t therefore shown. Pity. Hope it will be continued though. :sunny:

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@Kerridoc I had seen a post where you and the gang over at 7DD were going to continue in Anchor’s place. I’m at a decision point on a large E&P project at the moment that would benefit from knowing if its a DONE DEAL that you good men will be stepping in to save the day or not? Delayed or redefining or the like included.




What I can leave this thread with is that the Hero Utility will be getting a slight face-lift in that in terms of the DEFENSIVE (LEADERBOARD) rankings it will be broken out to display the TRUE positioning of hero’s on Defense (therefore Left Wing, Left Flank, Tank, Right Flank, Right Wing).

Therefore rankings will be adjusted for each of the 5 possible positions and an OVERALL.

The data that is collected and reported diligently (and has been for some time) has proven great accuracy and clearly maintaining, trending, reporting and showcasing who are the most widely used characters in the game (with it’s focus on LEGENDARY heroes).

From my perspective in regards to Legendary Heroes it is the DE FACTO source for Defensive hero decision support.

and I don't say that because I created it by any means.

Additional enhancements will be revealed with the release of version 4.0, that date is yet TBD.

For purposes of getting potential or current users of the utility to have a better understanding of its data sources and its USEFULNESS (in particular the H.U. Cards for side by sides and Team vs Team compares) I’m including a portion of the documentation available through the utility itself that I’m aware not many refer to! Lol. I get it, I get it.


What is this?

The Hero Utility is a complete set of 6 evaluation/valuation methods, wrapped up into a pleasing and organized visual with it’s primary purpose being to SUPPORT YOU IN HERO DECISIONING . Not just for ascensions, in a multitude of ways that a spreadsheet and/or the game NEVER will.

How to use this Utility

This is a decision support utility not a yes/no answer faq. The makeup of any given team and their specials can affect the value of your hero. Every hero in the game has a purpose. Some are obvious, some are not. Some are wide spread others very niche (certainly we hope for the prior). Do not decide solely on this utility, in particular just 1 of its valuation methods! To be valid, use all methods of valuation available to you. Should ALL methods clearly point to one hero over another, then do listen loudly.

The methods of value/evaluation are:

  1. Grades (A+, A, B, C, D – courtesy of 7DD)
  2. GPA’s (grades converted into measurable values for comparing)
  3. Current Leaderboard (data collected from the game recently, strongly indicating CURRENT HERO USE)
  4. Cumulative Leaderboard (data stored and summarized from the game over time HISTORICAL HERO USE)
  5. RaZors Edge 2 (factual card ranks that are reprocessed each hero addition and ‘balancing’)
  6. Ap/Dh (a correlation algorithm that simulates a more ‘realistic’ card ranking)

This web-based application interfaces with a data warehouse established July 30, 2018 by RaZoR a fellow player of E&P that has no affiliation to the game maker.

Why was this created?

Well, not having actual play experience with the Hero’s owned at future ascension/levels - decisioning was questionable especially making some poor ones previously. Heroes can be great early and not so great later (or the opposite), or simply I misread what their potential was - that was the problem I wanted to avoid being I really had 1 shot with my ‘final’ decision and then I’m stuck for many months or longer to make an adjustment. Finding documented ranks or grades from those ahead of me based in their own hero use experience was what I was hoping to find to aide my decisioning. My gratitude extends to 7DD for assembling and maintaining the 7DD Guide to Hero Grades. As an independent player finding this guide was a relief! Unfortunately for me being from the USA grades have associated numerical ranges that I just couldn’t look past. When I saw a relatively equal B vs B or A vs B I found myself questioning does my A hero = 90% and my B hero = 89% with all else being basically the same? If it is, B saves me XYZ, so I would lean toward B! At the time my thoughts were: Who is 7DD? I’m not filling out an application to talk to them through this discord thing. Understand I was truly playing by myself. I gave answers as the Alliance leader not ask them, I got it done on my own (so it got done), and when I wanted it – I wanted it NOW. The worst thing for a player like that - basically ZERO documentation provided by the game maker. Thus, the journey, supported by my IT background allowed me to bring it to market for my fellow players to consult with before final decisioning. To do it successfully however, I had to change one thing about the way I played and approached the game: everything.

What if you just want to do some hero window shopping for who’s next on your future summoning planner? This blows away the in game method, which provides no value comparisons unless you remember card values as you flip from hero to hero – or special skills between each… It however does provide you the near whole-body view! It wins there.

Again – all methods of value/eval need to be used together… I think many just decide on seeing the overall ‘Grade’ and move on – not a good idea. Some of those grades on older Heroes could use some updating. I know because I have had some of the heroes since release (the grade was valid when released and for their height of use back then, not today). I do not modify 7DD’s grades to meet valuations based on my experience or when I may disagree with assessment, that is not my place. The grades are 7DD’s data. I’m borrowing the grades and in exchange referring you back to the source as requested (their document is a living document, therefore it will always be updated before the H.U.). Many players like the 7DD grades and them being part of the H.U. and I support my users and 7DD in their efforts in maintaining it.

In closing. Some players I’m aware of have made decisions based on the following:

  1. He looks cool and his Attack is higher than that hero…
  2. If I didn’t use her in the event, I wouldn’t have gotten that score…
  3. I’ve been waiting forever for a nature hero so now I can make my rainbow team…

Guys if your decisioning logic is similar to the above than please at least look at the overall GRADE!


@VFROOD, @PeachyKeen, @HarryDeB, @Azor, @Jyzzy, @ahriman512 @yelnats_24 @IvyData, @Leiza, @Kayo
– you all were pulled from the thread - this is just a FYI nudge.


Thanks for the tag. Everytime I read about or use your utility I tend to underestimate the sheer amount of data and time dumped into it. Thank you for creating and maintaining it.



Hopefully they get it sorted out. It started out as a Line group and from what I understand they have moved things to a Discord group and I honestly have no idea what the plan is or what is going on with it. A suggested re-calibration of all the old heroes was put in the box, so people could be seeing a lot of major updates to give more clarity to the grades.

I also feel bad for kinda letting down the community for putting this project on the backs of others.


Just want to throw in my thanks and appreciation to @Anchor for kicking it off and to @Kerridoc and the others for at least wanting to carry it on. I’ve referenced the hero grading guide numerous times over the last 6 months I’ve been on. It’s really helped me develop a better idea of how to use heroes in the game. (I think it stayed up as an open tab on my desktop for like a month.)
Shout out to @Razor as well for his site. I’ve been there numerous times as well.

The work you guys put into stuff like this is way beyond me lol. I’m thankful to have benefitted from it all whether it continues or not!


It was a mistake to start with 7dd grades. They haven’t kept up with the meta, counter heroes, updates, or classes. It needs to be done from scratch. I really don’t want to, but if I have to…


Everyone starts somewhere. While one might see it as a mistake I see it as the start of an amazing project that is used and enjoyed by thousands. There are many future modifications and additions in play for the H.U. which will continue to add additional value.

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It is what it is Anchor. You did what you could when you could to whatever ability you had at the time. That’s all that us servant type/community oriented players can do. Life happens to all humans, and we deserve to be in that group just like everyone else!

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@Anchor, I don’t see you have anything to feel bad about. As a newer player your information has helped me, and I can only guess at the 1000’s of others, progress in this game. We thank you for taking the time to create these teaching/grading tools on your spare time. You Sir get a gold :star: In my book (it’s real gold so don’t let it go missing).
Thanks again for all you have done, I’m still referring to your info/videos on an almost daily basis.

P.S Thanks to @Razor as well. Between you 2 I have begun to gather a clue to what I am doing. You also saved me from ascending Dawa in the beginning, that alone is worth a :star2:


No, I don’t see it as a mistake. It IS a mistake. A mistake that will be valued by thousands as you put it. If you want, I can redo them more accurately with a little time. I’d hate to see a whole bunch of people thinking Azlar and Elena are A grade tanks for instance…


Hopefully people look at the grading, razors top 100 analysis, and personal experiences (both playing with and against) before investing mats.

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If truly a couple million of people play this game, you can reliably estimate that most (let’s say 99%) don’t read forums, don’t read facebook or other pages, or watch youtubes, and have no idea who anchor or razor or anyone else is.

A few thousand people research the game deeply. Most just play it casually. At best they might ask or pay attention to some chat once in a while in their alliances (but don’t ask them to scroll back - no one ever scrolls back to read! LOL).


Hi guys. Since Anchor left, his heroes guide has been unchanged (since kunchen no new hero has been even added, of course not graded), and since almost 2 months ago, there are no updates in 7DD page (Margaret is not there still).

Is there any other page, or list to check? Should we continue to mantain a guide? I found it was really helpful.


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Kerridor and other 7d people are working on the sheet I think.

Margaret is a decent hero combined with inari almost everything dodges. On her own she is not a must have.


If i can help i will do it gladly, just coordinate it because spare time is short lately :slight_smile:


It’s going to be hard making a hero grade with the emblems…


I used the hero grading a lot in the early days, and it really helped me in deciding which ones were worth working on.

As I progressed in the game, it became less and less important what grade a hero was, and more if they meshed well with the rest of my roster, or filled a gap in a certain team.

I appreciated that grading chart a lot, and the work and time that have gone into it.


Not trying to be an idiot here, but… are grades really worth maintaining at all? We all have different play styles, different ways we stack, different heroes to choose from, different goals and different star level titans we face … if you’ve been playing the game long enough, you should have a sense for if a hero is a good fit for you or not. If you haven’t been playing long, ask folks on line, ask questions in peer support, ask your clan members and leadership, don’t base what is good or bad only off the ideas of players that have more heroes then they can ever even level. Having said that, I do respect their opinions and that they are trying to assist the community, but in some ways grading is more toxic then helpful. 2 cents.

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Emblems definitely confuse the issue. Emblems improve all heroes, but some much more than others. Delilah is a great example. As a Fighter she much more formidable than if, say, she had be classed as a Sorcerer.