Will there be someone who takes Anchor's place maintaining the hero grading?

…or will be the hero grading considered a finished page?

Some of Anchor’s 7D mates (including me) had banded together to keep the ratings up to date. Clearly we’ve been negligent.


What’s the best method for people to flame you if they don’t agree with the volunteered hard work you’ve done as a service to help people?


@Kayo English isn’t my first language so if you’ve seen some flame intention in my post, i assure you it wasn’t wanted!

Sorry, not directed at you!

I’m appreciative your post, and the people who take the time to work on the guides to help.


Maybe a link to the current hero grading would help @ahriman512 , I saw a post recently about it but I’m not good at linking…

I can provide the link.

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Can you fix some of the old outdated grades as well? I mean for example, Elena is listed as an A tank… when she has the worst durability factor of ANY 5 star hero… and several other grades that no longer apply with the shift in meta to color stacks…


OP, I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Anchor / 7DD grades. Here’s something I posted about them in another thread that I think is relevant here. I do not know if the efforts the new team is making will address these (known) issues.

The 7DD ratings are better viewed as a starting point in how you should think about your heroes / ask questions here rather than the definitive ranking of a hero. I’m not one of those who necessarily thinks they are ‘wrong.’ It is because they don’t take the following into account:

  • How useful a hero is in events
  • How useful a hero is in the trials they qualify for
  • How useful a hero is (will be) in the upcoming raid tournaments
  • How good a home the hero is for emblems / how much those emblems improve them

That list is a pretty sizable part of the game, which is why I’ll again say: the 7DD grades are just one piece of information you should take into account when making your leveling decisions.


I vote for registered mail. If you’re willing to pay that much to send a flame, I think you’ve bought yourself a page of invective.


Has someone noticed that Rigard and Sabina have identical Titan & Defense grade, even in stamina and tiles, despite Rigard have higher def & hp while Sabina have higher attack?

thx for the answer and the link.
I probably can’t explain myself well: i was only asking if there will be someone who will give the grades to the new heroes.
I found very usefull the Anchor’s work, so i will appreciate if some high profile player will perpetuate his chart… La prossima volta scrivo in Italiano (or i will ask to my wife to write at my place :upside_down_face:)

The more the meta goes towards color stacking the less the tank’s bulk matters. Any hero goes down to a 5 stack match, be it Elena, Guin or Boss Wolf. Why would you wamt to lower a hero’s grade based on that?

Because you don’t even need a mono team to drop Elena quickly. She has THE WORST durability factor (2× def + health) of any 5 star ever released. Other heroes get knocked because they’re too fragile to tank, but she is the worst. Literally.

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Is his site not being updated anymore? If not does anyone know of another 1. I have tried finding relative ones but his seems to break the detail down a lot better

Check this thread:



20 characters

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@Kerridoc #slacker #20characters


I always appreciate your brand of arid humor.


He’s a safe target, because it’s unlikely he’ll get around to writing a stinging reply :wink:

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