Will there be more areas on the map


once you have finished area 23 in the map what happens is that it ?


At the moment, that’s it for the map. I expect there will be more provinces coming, but the focus of the dev team for the past couple months has been focused on balancing and new features (many of them requested by players). Small Giant is actually a pretty small team, so I would expect they have to put their focus on only a few things at a time.

I can say it’s been kinda cool being around since the beta phase and seeing all the new stuff being implemented. Looking forward to seeing the game grow more!


Thx for that info l love this games and don’t mind spend $$ on it just hoping it won’t get boring once l reach the max level


It’s been interesting, but as people get to a point where the builds or the map are done they’ve often found other things to do within the E&P community (as well as grinding away to get the rarest ascension items). Some longtime players have founded training alliances where new members can learn and then move on, others have created multi-alliance clans, some have turned to mercing (and many of those mercs hang out for a bit with people they meet, and sometimes ‘adopt’ the alliance to help them continue growing).

I have to say there’s times when it’s tempting to turn gypsy and wander from alliance to alliance every few days or a week so I can meet new people! So far I’ve limited myself to day trips because I do have an awesome alliance. :smile:


I love this idea. I wish I had thought about it. Rather than a trophy limit to join, have a trophy number where they are launched into the world. LOL