Will there be compensation? (For Raid Tournament Matchmaking Problems)

I don’t actually handle parts that are safety related - but items that don’t work mean warranty and user complaints, and not only us as the engineer, but our suppliers get graded on that performance. It’s not entirely a different ballpark…

And not everyone had fun or got great rewards after winning 20/20 battles. This is one of the points that bothers me, people saying it was flawed, but hey, I got some great stuff so it’s OK and even if you got crappy farmable stuff you should be happy. There’s entirely too much of each side trying to downplay the feelings of the other side. That’s not OK.

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I got less great stuff than others. But I still agree with the OP. :wink:


Hmm. I wonder if those who are complaining are used to being in the top 100 and getting all the ascension material that is out of reach for the average player. Not to say that all the top 100 players are complaining. But it does make sense. The complainers are disappointed because they expected to perform at the same level they always have and receive the same rewards they always do.

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So what’s a good solution proposal?

(I mean that respectfully - your time is reasonable, you see both sides)

Loot has been awarded, Im sure a few made out like bandits and the past can’t be changed —

Compensation suggestions run the gamut from a flask or two to top loot for everyone -

There are multiple threads… Unfortunately, it wasn’t consolidated into one that is specific for loot, but you can find a lot of it in the first link:

This one is more specific but don’t have to many posts yet:


@Rook They obviously haven’t played Knights & Dragons (Long time no see Rook :wink:). Played over a year before anything new was added, minus the weekly trophies for the whales :roll_eyes:.

True but if a car fails you die. If the tournament fails you just miss out on the ever elusive tonic… until next week.

Same here on loot - most of it was what I get in a regular farming haul, other than a couple silver tokens and a raid flask. No big celebration here.

I only agree to an extent. What I haven’t heard really mentioned or adequately addressed is what can be construed as a sense of entitlement from newer players who think they should be getting the same great rewards as seasoned players who have built up their skills and invested a lot more time and resources. The entitlement train seems to be going both ways.

Just saying (in my humble opinion). How to get the two sides to at least discuss civilly is a mystery since it doesn’t seem popular to look at both sides :slight_smile:


Engineer <> Programmer. Handling software mediums ("electronic modules that contain software) is a far cry from writing software programs. I can only imagine how many 10’s (or even 100’s) of millions of lines of code have to be written to make a mobile game for separate platforms. Since you are an engineer, imagine if you will a clock with a million gears. How long do you think it would take to add even a thousand more and work perfectly with the other million?

@ Esbam As for your “gaming industry gets a pass”, it is NOT limited to the gaming industry. All software that is updated and released will release with bugs and will cause errors with existing programs because there is no feasible way to fully test each an every possible combination of installed elements on the device(s) they are designed for. Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Google, etc., have all released software with bugs/issues because if they do not, then they would be in the infinite loop of testing and go bankrupt because they are not generating revenue by releasing products.

Just my $.02 , no offense :hugs:

Edit: redirected “Free pass” comment to the correct poster


Umm, the auto industry doesn’t give us free cars either… just sayin’ :grimacing:

I never stated anything about the gaming industry getting a pass, that was someone else. Just trying to explain my view to some extent - I don’t see them as totally separate universes (I MUST have an understanding of my parts and the software in order to integrate them in the vehicle architecture). Please don’t put words in my fingers :slight_smile:

@yelnats_24 Thanks for linking to the various threads with Tournament loot!

Yep :slight_smile:

Melendor liked it, especially after recent disappointment, and went from +7 to +11:


My apologies :relaxed:

It’s one thing to understand what you’re working with, but completely different when it comes to making them. Maybe it’s because I’m much more familiar with coding (not what they are using for the game I don’t think, but Java, HTML5, SQL, and a few others) than I am with engineering (although I do enjoy learning how stuff is made and put together), but knowing how a car works and actually designing one seem like different universes to me.

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HI, Vixx. Truthfully, I’m not sure. So far it seems that battle lines have been drawn and civility has somewhat gone out the window. Since loot was already awarded, I’m not sure what the devs can do that would bring any sense of peace. I was as disappointed as anyone, but I’m trying to keep some perspective and see the overall picture at the same time. I’m puzzling over it at the moment.

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And the conspiracy theorists will start replying in 3… 2… 1… :laughing:

“Forum moderator gets rare 100 emblem reward from broken tourney. Coincidence?” ominous music

JK, I know moderators do not get differential treatment in-game like that, but is that not what someone would say?

Rather than compensation, most people were simply asking for equal loot for all. Whether that’s the 1% loot or no loot at all. Agreed that it’s too late now, but everyone was asking for this during the tournament when it wasn’t too late. After all, the fact the tournament wasn’t working as intended was obvious on day 1. Now people are mostly arguing because some are going on the forums trolling with stupid posts about how they got amazing loot, but all the people who did better than them and got nothing should just stop whining. That and to make sure tournaments didn’t resume without a fix - getting top loot in these tournaments is now pretty much mandatory to remain competitive.


This raid tourney idea is engaging. Yeah, it glitched. So what!!! I was hooked. Weren’t you? Tell me didn’t run to this chat forum to check out what people were saying about it? Strategies for low max point battles? Then you made your Final Four Madness posts, didn’t you? Yep…thought so.

#Developers: just keep rolling out kicka$$ new heroes with monthly events. The artwork is crazy good and the game moves into the month with new stuff to look forward to every week.

#EventIdeas: March Madness Sweet 16 heroes event with all war emblems in play for Reset emblem prizes… for us dummies who wasted them on 3* for the Wonderland event!!! :crazy_face::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Enough so that you’re the second person today to make that joke :wink:


I personally don’t see what the big issue is with with the rewards for the different tiers because the loot is randomized. I watched the possible loot images change and it looked to me like the biggest difference (at least in the 10% down brackets) was a few more items, but the items available were pretty much the same. So much so, my main account landed in the 10-25% bracket and my second account landed in the 25-50% bracket, and I got pretty much the same things on both. Main won 20/20, alt won 18/20. Even though the rewards weren’t spectacular, it was still more than what I had before the tourney, and I had a few more things to do on the game once my other energies ran out. I was in it for the fun and the possibility of good rewards, and I would like to have gotten better than what I did, but I’m not going to complain and demand more (at least not publicly :smile:; I’m sure my alliance mates would scoff at that claim).

So I say “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. If the rewards were set like they are in the challenges, then I could see why people would be upset, but they’re not. I have no proposed solution, other than accept a rocky start and hope for an improved second round.

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