Will there be compensation? (For Raid Tournament Matchmaking Problems)

I’ve seen this suggested in comment threads, for visibility this is it’s own post;
Will players who went 20/20 in the raid tournament be given 1% loot to compensate for the first attempt at matchmaking? It would make a lot of people happy to get the rewards they deserve but were unlucky enough not to “earn” as it seems most players never got a defense team bonus due to not being attacked, and everyone got really low level teams not worth many points. A solid portion of the top 100 players don’t even have a maxed 4* team and it’s very strange that they will get 1% loot and people with deep 4* benches will get 10%-25% loot at no fault of their own.


Great idea @SWEG. Hopefully they are good with it as well.


I can’t see it happening but it would be nice.

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I believe way more than 1% of the players will win all their matches. So the proposal is lacking in merit in my opinion.


I think people will get the loot from whatever tier they end up in. I do think SG might end up giving us some sort of gift as an apology tho. Maybe a WE flask or epic token. Something like that.


How about just get over it and move on to the next one, why would they owe anyone anything.

It didn’t cost anyone anything, but a few minutes a day.


That is beside the point, I went 20/20 and I’m 1500 points before to spot. Equally I’m below members of my alliance who lost 1-2 battles yet somehow scored higher than me. The fact people are being screwed by a broken matchmaking system is worthy of some form of compensation. I didn’t get to pick my opponents so I was forced to fight for low scores, all the while I myself was never attacked. I averaged 256 points per flag with a selection of maxed 4s and a maxed defence, while being paired up with teams with maxed 2s and 3s. In 20 battles I faced one maxed 4 its not fair on me those who were being attacked countless times due to a flawed system.


Don’t expect compensation, that’s the point.


Google translation added by @zephyr1:

I won all the matches and got 1 to 5%

Original (Spanish)

Yo gone todos los partidos y obtube 1 a 5%

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Yep and there are a ton of people who won all their matches and are in the lower categories. And way more than 1% of the people have won all their matches, I can guarantee it.


It’s one tournament … I don’t feel screwed, I didn’t lose one minute of sleep over it and I’m not quitting because of it.


Seriously is this crap still going on. Everyone will get a prize at the end of the tournament. You’re welcome.


I’m sure that more than 1% of players won all their matches, as far as I’m aware nobody even raided a maxed out team of 4*. SGG acknowledges the matchmaking system needs improvement and I think it’s fair that for the first attempt at matchmaking which went very poorly, players should be compensated. In the future when matchmaking is better, a lot less people will be winning all 20 matches. At the moment this was definitely unfair both for lower level players and higher level players. I don’t see why they couldn’t give out 1% loot to everyone who won all 20 matches and never got raided, just this first time before the kinks are worked out. I mean the majority of people in the 1% loot tier shouldn’t even be there, with their teams of unleveled heroes.


because why? what did it hurt? especially since the kills were so easy, it could almost autoplay them. Its hard to claim it even took time out of your day.

I totally disagree. And again, if you didn’t expect this (and the next two) to act very much like a public beta, then you aren’t paying attention.


@General_Confusion, because entitlement, that’s why. :wink: It continues to astound me how people think they deserve this or that.

OTHERS: Consider this your compensation: the easy matchups made it ridiculously easy to fill your hero chests incredibly quickly. So take that as your bonus. Now, off you go. :slight_smile:


Except for the five hours I waited for my raid chest to open and when it finally did … it was red :joy:


OK… @princess1 deserves compensation, but that’s it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, i refuse to accept the measley royal tabard, epic troop token and 30 gems as adequate :grinning:


The way I see it is this first run wasn’t great for the matchmaking but I’d rather that and get something than see it fine tuned to perfection in test and not getting this first run at all (and maybe multiple runs).

I did go 20/20 but whether I end up in the top tier or in the middle, I am still up on the whole affair.

Not to mention it was a bonus 5 chances every day for 4 days, to mostly fill a raid chest. That alone is more than adequate compensation for any early glitches.


I agree with you… but someone who went 20/20 for all practical purposes “won”… this suggestion is reasonable. Although in general I am opposed to compensation for their errors. but this is more in the spirit with the challenge goal of differentiating and rewarding people for winning.