Will there be another Summer Solstice sale?

I heard that this is nigh-identical to the Christmas portal, with no S1 heroes and literally ALL non-S1 heroes in the draw pool.

Is this a guaranteed regular thing?

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It is more like the black friday portal, and u would expect that they will launch it again this time with a chance at a 3rd mystery hero (like mysterio,enigmo)yet to be announced.

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Wait and see what v58 beta brings. If they repeat the summer solstice summon event, it should bring exclusive heroes for a future event (like the previous summer solstice and all Black Friday summon events) that are going to go through beta test first.


I am expecting to have one this year too.
We will see if we get the new heroes for it in upcoming Beta builds.


There had better be. I’ve been saving gems since Black Friday in anticipation! LOL


I dont know if I was playing for the last one, or at least I dont recall it. Any more details on what to expect and what month they released it last time? Ive got a drcent gem stack (for me) at the moment and may save them for that if its worth it.


Ask, and ye shall receive:


Oh, sure, and I used my coins in the last costume portal to double my FS counter. Netted myself a whole bunch of food.

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Does anyone know what the 10 and 30 pulls cost in gems was last time?

Yes, these were the costs:


Better hurry up, I’m getting my Stonehenge outfit ready!

I also see Challenge Summon coming up. I have saved up enough gems for a 10 pull (FTP). Which portal should i blow it on?

Don’t yet, save up to do at least 30 pulls to get a better chance! 10 pulls can be too disappointing