Will there be a Second Story map?


Is there a need for another story map?


Yes…why not?
Most of the players like challenges but with 4 and 5 star heros is this first map no challenge anymore.
It would be nice, to get new stuff…


Hey I know!
Under the Stronghold is an ancient Dungeon, and below that a latticework of caves that lead down to a Demon Lord Titan. (Yes, I’m borrowing heavily from Diablo 1…)
It’d be the same format, a map to follow with zones and bosses and such, but you could assign difficulty levels similar to the recent Pirate or Teltoc expansions.
And you could incorporate secret rooms and boss levels. For example, if you clear Level 15 without using any 4* artifacts, you unlock a secret boss level with special Ascension items.
Maybe? Anyone? Bueller?


To answer your question: yes! Absolutely yes.
Feels like the game is finished when you destroy the large boss at 23-11.


Hi there, we are currently working on the next big feature, Alliance Wars, but Season 2 will definitely be added in the future. At the moment we can’t promise any ETA but stay tuned for more information!

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