Will there be a gem sale that goes along with fables of grimforest?

Ive tried searching and couldnt find a definite answer. I know seasonal events have two weeks of daily gem specials with some including extra goodies. I know atlantis has a sale on gems plus atlantis coins. Will fables of grimforest have some sort of sale too? Or is the Answer maybe? Like it could but it might not. I wanna buy some gems to try and pull hansel and im just wondering if i should wait? Thanks!

Generally, all challenge events have that 5x 0.99$ (USD) sale for 200 gems each.


When you say generally do you mean everyone that you can remember or do you mean they usually do but you’ve seen some that didnt have a special or had a different special? And thanks for the info TPK

I’ve been playing since February and every challenge event I’ve been here for has had those $2.99 offers (AUD).

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For as long as I have played, I have seen it in every challenge event. :slight_smile:

every challenge event has the 200 gem offer x5 ($.99 USD)

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I like that they separate them into smaller bunches… I just wish you could hit x2 x3 etc. To purchase multiple packs at once.

This is for lurkers reading moreso: the price listed is USD. :slight_smile:

In Canada this translates to $1.39, and it may change in the future depending on the app / play store exchange rates.

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Cool. I have edited my original postto reflect that the amount I wrote was in USD. :slight_smile:

Thanks i appriciate everyones replies. I knew i was gonna buy some gems but waa hoping there would be a sale with non farmable mats. My athena was cold and really needed a warm cape. I got lucky and pulled one from a war chest last night. Then got another one from the grimforest completion loot. I also pulled hansel who is the one i was chasing and a couple bonus gretels, a few seshats and bonus joon. So it was pretty good all around

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