Will Raid Tournaments lead to end of Alliance Wars and Titans?

This week introduced us to the new feature of “Four Days of Raid Tournaments.” We have noticed, as a result within our alliance, decreased titan participation and now today, decreased participation in our Alliance War. Will these Raid Tournaments lead to less alliance-based event participation, which then negates the need for an alliance? Imo, restarting the Alliance Wars during a Raid Tournament is a mistake. Each is an individual event requiring the participation of all alliance members with which the Raid Tournaments grossly interfere, Please rethink the timing. Two Alliance Wars a week plus a four-day tournament at the same time is unbalanced. This could be the beginning of the end of the Alliance Wars. Is this what users want?

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Shouldn’t interfere with activity in my opinion

As far as i can tell, active players typically login twice a day at minimum

Could easily use tourney flags 1 login, war flags the other, next day repeat

But that’s a pretty general statement

I haven’t noticed anything in our alliance but we’re all pretty active, i see other members in the game at least 3 to 4 times a day


If anything in our alliance, people have been more engaged the last few days, because there’s been a lot of excitement and discussion/questions about the new Tournaments.

But we already are a pretty active group to begin with.

In terms of time commitment for the game, for very active players (like me), it’s one more thing to do, which actually brings me back to the game for those few extra raids each day. I’m finding I’m filling even more chests than usual because of that. (I routinely use gems to accelerate Raid Chests, so all of my Raids go toward a Chest.)

For alliance members who Raid only to fill Chests, my impression is that they’re just doing the Tournament Raids instead of regular ones. So no real time commitment change for them.

In terms of Titan participation observations for us, we had a Rare Titan yesterday that we took down easily and without flasks, and we have a fairly big (for us) 9* Titan today that’s 2/3 dead in under 8 hours.

As for War, we’ve used 17 more flags than our opponent, and currently have a 400+ point lead. Many unused flags are being intentionally saved based on strategic discussions in chat.

Our chat in-game and on LINE from today has been a few hundred messages or so…pretty typical for us.

So on the whole, I haven’t really noticed any decrease in team-oriented activity in our alliance.

But I’m sure it’s playing out differently for other alliances, since every group has their own dynamic.


Any openings in your alliance?

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I completely agree. I want less things to do, not more! Why is SG trying to engage players with more ways to play! What are they trying to do, run a business? Shame on you SG

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Hi, @Chocolatte, nice to see you contributing your first post on the Forum!

Assuming that question was directed at me, I’ll avoid spamming this thread with anything recruiting related, but I’ll tag you in our thread in #alliance-recruitment to answer.

@Rigs might do the same, since he’s part of a family of alliances suitable for a wide variety of players.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress…

Will Raid Tournaments lead to end of Alliance Wars and Titans?


Actually, the answer is that they were asked for new activities. Go to “Ideas and Features” forum and look through topics. You’ll see a whole lot of new feature requests. Players want more activities to be able to spend more time in the game.
On the other hand you are not forced to use all those feature. Tournament is optional. Alliance Wars are optional too. You are free to choose and there is no need for blaming SG.

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I think your sarcasm detector is on the fritz…might want to take it into the shop…:grin:

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No change for us either. Players are getting used to the Raids T schedule and not feeling like they need to rush to attack. They can wait for their raid to chest to open, for instance.

While we’re on the subject of raids T can we please come up with a suitable nickname for them? I’m already tired of writing out raids tournament, raid tours, raid T, etc.

When players are talking about their raids we now have to distinguish between which raids. Very tiring :grin:

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I just want it known that was no sarcasm in my post. None at all!


Nope. If people go inactive in war or titans kick them. Kick, recruit, kick, recruit until you get players who will stay active.

A few extra raids does not take up that much time.


Seriously, nope.

  1. killing titans is somewhat automatic, every day it’s just about the same. It’s boring and we keep doing it only because of the loot.
  2. these new tournaments represent now a big source of items. They seem nice but also a very selfish way to play.
  3. now, wars, that are the true engine of this game, that make people create and follow strategies, truly cooperate to defeat another alliance, to analize and study the game, the glue that stitch the members together and feed friendships, they are relegated to a terciary source of items.

You might want to look for other alliance members.

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