Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

You are wrong.

LB is like AM, even after using Sturdy Shield for 5*, you will still have a lot leftover for 4*.

Raising 5* is halted by Mysterious Tonic, not the overabundance Sturdy Shield.

When you have used your 5* aether, you will still have leftovers 4* aether that you cannot use on 5* (because you no longer have 5* aether). This leftover is for 4*.

Recommend to look on requirement and what you will get from quest, count (maybe on fingers) and then ones more count, and once more, until understanding comes.

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From quest alone we get:
52× 3* aether
24× 4* aether
4× 5* aether.

So we get 6 times 4* aether compared to 5* aether. I take a look at the number from raid tournament and it is also around 6 times. For simplicity sake, lets just consider quest only.

To limit break a 5* we need:
35× 3* aether
20× 4* aether
5× 5* aether

Based on the rate from quest, by the time we had enough 5* aether to limit break a 5* we have:
65× 3* aether
30× 4* aether
5 × 5* aether

After we limit break a 5*, we are left with:
30× 3* aether
10× 4* aether

To limit break a 4* hero, we need:
20× 3* aether
5× 4* aether

So if we only get from quest, by the time we limit break a 5*, the leftover can be used to limit break a 4* hero.

Note that the limiting item is not the 4* aether which is actually enough for 2× 4* heroes. The limiting item is 3* aether because it only enough for 1.5× 4* heroes.

However we have to keep in mind that quest is not the only source. In AM, the rate for 3* AM and 4* AM from quest is actually the same as we get one each per quest. But based on my 2nd year data alone, I got 500× 3* AM and 121× 4* AM which means the overall rate of 3* AM is actualy 4 times higher than 4* AM.

If the ratio of the rate for 3* aether and rate for 4* aether is higher from non-quest compared to from quest, then it is possible that each time we limit break a 5*, we have leftover 3* aether for 2× 4*.

This is not possible with emblem as when we had fully emblemed a 5*, we already use all the emblems which means no leftover for 4*.


They could figure something better than this, in my opinion. Every day at least 2 new banners, buy this buy that, i cant see my base from all these offers, and now this crap. Lot of ppl will quite pretty soon, they lost ppl on poker now will destroy this game, thats zynga


:nerd_face: they have war matching … it matches based off you’re hero’s and theirs it will be fine.

Yes, and it already is a joke with Bunker North/Nuclear Alfrike fest…


Warning! Long rant. Read or don’t read

This is the first and best puzzles game I’ve played continuously. I’ve tried out two other clones (starting with ‘M’ and ‘Z’), however I quit both. We basically cannot name other games here, thus I have not named.

Anyway, even though I don’t spend much (an average of approx AUD2.00/month), I’ve had more than my fill of gacha games.

When I started playing back in December 2017, we only had S1. Alliance wars hadn’t started. No S2, let alone S3/S4/raid tournament/Tavern of Legends/Ninja Tower/Mythic Titan. :rofl:

I believe the game was in its first year of global release. I don’t remember when the challenge events were introduced. There were fewer challenge events with less events heroes, and also 10 stages each difficulty.

So, I have seen the game change from where one might legitimately complain that there wasn’t enough to do, to having way too much. That is, if you want to “keep up”/you are a completionist.

I was playing when they introduced emblems. When they introduced costumes. When they first nerfed Tell and Vela post-release in the game. And again. And again.

I was playing when after 500+ days past of it being teased, they finally released the underwhelming Hero Academy.
When they mishandled Morlovia-gate.
When they mishandled ham-gate.
When they finally removed/changed an additional bonus for having new challenge event heroes in scoring for Villans, only after a certain highly influential player basically gave them an ultimatum
When they simply postponed (instead of cancel) non-S1 costumes at the last minute before Springvale.
When they continuously nerf mercs.

And now this.

To be fair, they have changed up wars. Released raid formations. Finally added a wave counter. Something simple took years. :rofl: And they have now added a chance for S1 5* costumes in HA10 in the latest update.

@Tea I am truly glad for you to love the game. Being in a nice alliance is a great part of the game. This is easily the best gaming community I’ve been a part of. I’m just at a different part of the game.

On the eve of limit breakers going live in the game, I have just reached my peak (excluding more emblems). I honestly think it is best to retire as soon as possible, at least for long term players who are seriously considering it. Rip off the E&P band-aid.


In theory yes. Matchmaking is far from perfect.

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I will add a bit of commentary to the topic.

I just recently left my alliance due to a 2+ year vacation plan finally able to come to fruition next month. My plan had been to put a pause on my gaming while this long planned 6 week vacation took place. I set up 4 tc11s with 100 days each. Had both the HA troop feeders over 100 days each. Been stockpiling resource crates and just finished maxing the last hero I wanted to and still have a few at 3.70 with plenty of mats for when I restarted playing. Figured I’d come back and have plenty of feeders when i restarted.

After leaving the team I really took a look at what has happened to the game in roughly the last year (my 2 year anniversary is today, June 17th). Just thinking off the top of my head we had rest of s1 costumes released (that was inevitable), tavern and its awful summons rates, ninja tower, mythic titan (the only new feature I enjoy), the mostly useless HA and it’s .00000001% chance of something other the groot, villains & circus with their overpowered heroes, the huge power creep with s4, the universally hated event costumes and now limit breakers.

I spent a good amount initially and basically stopped besides VIP & valor after the 2019/2020 xmas event where I did around 300 pulls and netted 2 Rudolph and a grimble. Did some 30 pulls and other various 10x pulls on costume & at s4 release earlier this year netting me 2 5* costumes out of roughly 150 pulls.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game initially and loved my alliance mates comroddery I think my general unhappiness towards this being a job and not a game will basically lead me to quit.

I had previously score chased events, filled chests 2x a day, and did every quest that popped up. Now it’s ‘whenever’ for when chests get filled, finish events just for blems, not giving a **** if the score is good or bad. I don’t bother with 1/2 the quests and even nearly missed rings from the last rare quest since i forgot to log in for nearly a day.

The gap between whales and c2p/f2p players will grow even more once the breakers are put into the mix and if you don’t think they will sell them in limited time specials then there is this great deal on a nice bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to offer you.

I made this as a summary of my opinion on the game developers and its player base -


I will not be reinstalling the game when i swap phones in a few weeks.


Everyone will get the mats to limit break. The very top may be able to buy them like Emblems if they want and I’m sure the mats will be in rewards for high level results in the various things that give rewards.

The sky won’t fall in though…it didn’t with emblems and it won’t now.

War matchmaking keeps like alliances war like alliances on the whole. We are about 250th now and we are matched with similar teams. We win more than we lose but when we go on a good run we get a real tough match and we do our best against it.

Limit breakers will be the same. You won’t suddenly get matched with an Alliance containing a fully LB defence unless your alliance is similar.

I’m actually looking forward to using them offensively anyways. I already beat teams way in excess of my attacking TP. I like the idea of taking the heroes I use most and powering them up. Defence heroes are boring as you don’t get to use them anyways. But Gefjon at 85 just seems cool to me.

But again, if you are at the end then for your own sanity, walk away.

If you feel these are going to ruin your game then all I would say is give them a chance. If it sucks the fun out hit the old uninstall button and move on.

I enjoy it and whilst it stays enjoyable I’ll keep on trucking.


I’m not surprised to see you pop up in here. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is true, the fear may be worse than the actual limit breakers itself. At least in the beginning. That’s how it starts. Slowly. Like with emblems and costumes.

I doubt we will see eye to eye on this topic, and that is fine @Cheds. :slightly_smiling_face:


The recent Q&A didn’t help my feelings on the game either.

Apparently we will get one new season a year. More events. More heroes.

But most of those heroes will be 5*. They’re not planning to add more 3* and 4*

And 3* and 4* won’t be added to Hero Academy. Nor are there plans to make older heroes more accessible. Because doing so is bad for the game economy.

I fear we are in for more of the same.

I will keep playing, but I am already much less enthusiastic today than I was a week ago.


100% fine too :sunglasses:

I harbour no ill will to anyone. I guess my world view let’s a lot of things go that others struggle to.

I’m a live and let live kinda guy. SGG have there path, nothing is changing that so for me it’s a very “get on the train or get off the train” kind of thing.

Right now I’ll stay on it but for sure the day the game annoys me to the point it’s not scratching my itches then I’ll move on as well.

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Strange. I always thought f2p and c2p would be the least affected by this feature.

I mean, if my roster is moderately good, but nothing insane, I may easily climb to low diamond arena (2400-2500 trophies) and stay there fighting with similar players. I don’t have to worry about “whales” and their broken heroes and their 5000+TP defenses.

And if I belong to an alliance of similarly equipped players, I don’t have to worry about facing alliances with broken defenses, except for the rare occurrence, because our war scores will be far apart, due to our roster discrepancy.

A similar thing will apply to tournaments where I don’t have to fear facing a defense of 5 broken heroes if I have no broken heroes, or very few of them anyway. At least not until my performance and score kick in.

I never agreed with the concept of “whales” but for argument’s sake, assuming they exist as depicted in this forum, this will be problematic for them more than anyone else, because they will have to keep up with each other to remain competitive.

I honestly don’t see the practical value of most complaints here. Sure, in theory, some players will become too powerful for the rest of us, but in practice, the rest of us is unlikely to face them. And yet, instead of focusing on how this feature or others like this can benefit us, we’re up in arms because we focus on how this feature benefits the others.


I have mixed feelings about what you wrote.

I’m FTP, with only Bera and Francine as non-vanillas on my defense. Yet I regularly climb to 2700-ish cups, and there I encounter many all-ninja or Frigg/Odin/Bera defenses already.

I know many other FTP and CTP who encounter the same.

Or do you think that “whales” and their limit breakers only reside even higher?

You’ve mentioned tournaments and wars, fine. I don’t disagree with what you said here, and I think you could be right.

But what about challenge events (Starfall + League of Villains had bonuses for those using heroes from those events); or the latest Mythic Titan where attack buffs on heroes gave the titan a defense buff… except for Gazelle, a very difficult to get hero. OK, nothing to do with limit breakers yet… but I think much of the resentment FTP and CTP feel, is that players owning these limited edition heroes get such big benefits.

I mean, I’ve already set my expectations low and don’t bother aiming for anything higher than top 10k / top 5k / top 10k in the challenge event tiers.

It’s not that bad - it’s still quite achievable to get say top 5% total attack or highest attack for Mythic Titans.

But I can’t help wonder: how long will that last? SG has already clearly stated their intention to keep releasing new heroes, new events; but not necessarily to make these more attainable for the FTP or CTP player.

your last phrase seems to paint most players in a very selfish light. And maybe it is, maybe it is selfish of us to want to be able to reasonably compete in this game.

But I think most of the complaints are coming from fear rather than selfishness. Players who worry that the advantages in this game will cluster within a very select few big spenders; that the game will become even more frustrating; and that one cannot aspire for much more in this game without starting to spend. A lot.

Because grinding can only take us so far.

And I’m realistic, I’m not aiming for the top.

But when my continued effort keeps getting me less and less? that’s not fun at all.


Just reading this makes me want to quit. I remember this game when Fun > Frustration.
Now, its Frustration > Fun.

How about a +20 Lvl 85 Alfrike in VF wars and tourneys?


Exactly this.

People think that whales don’t concern them, forgetting that they influence every aspect of the game. Rankings, events, tournaments…
So some people think they won’t face any 5k teams… They will, if their alliance will keep winning wars. They will encounter them in tournaments, in their watchtower, and so forth.

Let’s say that you score top 5% nowadays in majority of events/challenges/tourneys.
Watch that number fall to 10, 25, 50%…
And instead of asking “what am I doing wrong?”, you will realize you are falling behind. Along with rest of f2p guys.

So yeah, LB will change the game in the long run.


Do I like/hate limit breakers? I don’t know yet, I can’t assess the effects yet. Will I leave the game because of limit breakers? No. Will I leave the game at all? Not at the moment, but I already gave up the idea of getting in the top 100. :wink: If I quit the game, would I regret the money I spent? No, because I spend very little and only what I absolutely can afford and I know that it is lost. What’s my problem with limit breakers? That the beta testers were not heard.


A +85 Alfrike is exactly the same as a +80 Alfrike in rush war or tournament. You either get a start board and win or you don’t and you lose.

An extra 5 levels make about zero difference there.

Plus for most people that’s a bit of a waste. Alfrike gets very minimal play due to V.Slow. She has a niche and she’s super at it.

My Yellow team will still beat her with a decent start. Same as it does now tbh.

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That summarize it well.
In one strike, they killed all the QoL i was eventually interested, as we already know that “delaying” is just their way to say never.

As promised i’m not leaving, but meanwhile i installed another game of another very known franchise.

And yes, it is a gacha.
But much more affordable.


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