Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

When SG first announced limit breakers, I was genuinely excited. We all have our favorite heroes and part of the fun is that our rosters are a little different. I saw LB as a way to augment certain team synergies and add a personal touch to your account.

But the more I’ve read and thought about it, I realize that the biggest consequence of this new feature will be to widen the gap between F2P and P2P. As you grind farther in this game (esp in PvP), you need shiny new heroes, costumes, and emblems if you want consistent success. You also need multiple high level troops to mana break your heroes, a very grueling process that I’m suffering through myself. LB may become the next component of this ever-escalating E&P arms race.

Like most of us here, I really enjoy the social aspect of this game. We have a very rich and vibrant community in this forum as well as other platforms. I fear that LB will cause many veteran players to leave and that loss of talent will lead to a brain drain scenario in our community. Time will tell.


People left when emblems were introduced.

People left when costumes for already overpowered heroes like Killhare, Finley, etc were announced.

People will leave over Limit Breakers.

All of these ways to make the most powerful heroes even more powerful just widens the gap between whales and the other 95% of the player base.

Newer players simply can’t catch or close the gap without dropping eye watering money so they eventually get jaded and leave.

Getting crushed by +20, level 85 costumed Killhare with a lvl 30 mana troop and knowing it’ll take years of play or thousands of dollars to get anywhere near that is hardly going to keep people playing.

Soon, even the whales will begin to disappear as it costs them more and more to keep up.

There’s always been power creep in these sort of games but the rate in which it’s increased with ninja’s, S4 and new event heroes, costumes and now limit breakers is seeing it accelerate out of the atmosphere.

Next up will probably be another 10 levels of emblems…



And people left when Tell and Vela were first nerfed too. :frowning:


I quit not only because the limit breakers, but most because of the non-S1 costumes, the double sealing for me it’s not acceptable.


I’m VC2P so I don’t regret my money spent on this game. If the limit breakers are spread with a reasonable way (only playing not paying) IT will not ruin the game, at least I hope so. Otherwise… I will reconsider quitting. No remorse because I’m VC2P :slight_smile: . By the way i have the same practice and you and more luck with the greens - 3 heroes moreover S1. Good luck.


Not really sure what to do. I enjoy the game but players around me are leaving good friends are loosing interest witch kinda makes the game boring now and Ill be useless to big alliance’s as limit breaker will increase the gap between ptw and ftp.

Being in alliance’s seeing players get everything and players like me that struggle to keep up is just frustrating witch again doesn’t make it fun anymore it adds more to the reason why am I still playing.

To enjoy this game u need the cash to get new hero’s and now limit breaker to increase your hero’s strength plus everthing els on top to get those 20 blems to toughen them up and the struggles to get iteams to level them. To grow now means you need more cash to spend or much more patience in waiting for anything decent

Will I delete my account? Probably not but again where do I fit in this game now I’m not sure.


I dont believe that it will change the game too much If Beaks arent payable


Only time will tell but its also the the cost to get your players up to 20 to be able to increase the strength. It will be tough for most 250 blems is not easy to find. Especially when other hero’s need to benifit from them.

Kinda would of being better if beaks would be only for 3-4* heroes. But Its all about progressing game to higher level, question is how long itll take for a new player to catch all. And does game get new players, here should be more gategories, more own level battles, more stuff to do as alliance than just titans and wars. Why to not focus on game play and improve it rather than bring more and more powerups. Just my humble opinion.


Tbh my 3/4 * will benifit from this and I’ll probably concentrate mostly to them as the emblems will spread better and won’t be to tough to max them. I don’t want to be taking emblems of them to try get a good defence as my opinions in war will be weaker.

Everyone is entitled to there opinion and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Will be a tough road for new players for sure I would of thought. but they will come in fresh and play the game differently to enjoy it and evolve.

Lol y’all gotta tell me if we are going some where… lol. Of course I’m in love with the game still!!!
And since I’m in love with the cove no matter our rank… I’ll just try to enjoy the limit breakers. Trying to decide… do you limit break like wu or miki… or like killhare haha ugh

I love you all
Don’t leave me


I’m excited about it.
In my eyes it helps close the gap.

Guess we will see


How does it help ?

You looking forward to get squished by 5200 teams in war?


People who like it don’t imagine wars and pvp battles against current top teams with LB. It’s hard to beat ninjas/bera/freya teams now. Breaking their limits will do them fully unbeatable. Most of likers think only about their own roaster or plan to pay as much as they do afford. Don’t see another way for them to speak so.


I know complaining won’t do. Game that doesn’t care about you. I have 136 heroes uploaded. Now I will have to work on them again? More than 3 years playing. I’m tired of this. you want to enslave. The game has become disproportionate. Sad to see this.


Limit breakers are aways fun!

I think this was said above - I really can’t see wars being much fun with 5000+ strong teams to face. Rush wars will be a right laugh!


Worth OF read before judgement

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Limit breaker doesn’t really have the same weakness as emblem where 4* and 5* compete for emblem.

I believe even after using the 4* aether for 5* hero, we still have leftover for one or two 4* heroes.

So even though enemy’s defense power increased by LB, our attack power including the 4* will also increase.

For those reason I believe limit breaker won’t increase the gap.

You are wrong. Read carefully LB description: 5* heroes need the same material as 4* for breaking. So they will compete

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