Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

I thought Limit Breakers sounded pretty cool. Like another way to increase your Hero’s power when you’re waiting for emblems to come around. But I’ve been playing for about 4 months, so maybe people who’ve been at it longer think differently. It’s new and exciting to me though :smile:


I agree but the new player today starts out ridiculously behind. Who is crazy enough to start a brand new account? :sweat_smile:

And it’s not just power creep. Really seems like power leap.


Limit breakers will completely break tournaments even more than emblems ever did. A fully LBroken 3’s team with emblems may as well be 4star fighting in a 3star tournament. The same will be for 4* tournies as well. Fully LBroken maxed 4stars will essentially be sudo-5stars. Unless they place some new restrictions on how tournaments work by restricting emblems (read: not factor them in at all), I can’t imagine how ANYONE can compete.


I have been playing E&P for 1+ year and this is the first game that I am actually willing to spend money so there is no doubt that E&P has been a big success.

However, would like to share a few observations with you guys.

1 - The fan base has been shrinking and for a while.

When I first started last April (which is probably the peak time of this game), # of participants in weekly tournament are around 1.5m players, and this number is down to 1.2-1.3m today.

I joined a small and very casual alliance with less than 15 players. Over the course of one year, there is only one new joiner but everyone else quit playing (not leaving for another alliance but they just quit), including some players with 2-3 years playing time and in diamond arena. Eventually it is down to 2 active players including myself and we both left last month after collecting the last war chest.

2 - New players are so much behind the old players.

The recent new features they have released, including mystic titan, ToL, ninja tower and now the limit breaker are all very unfriendly to new joiners.

If E&P wants to extend the life of this game, they need to create features to attract new players to join. Not only they are not doing this, they are actually heading towards the opposite direction.

3 - Quality of HoTM is nosediving.

They keep releasing new powerful new heroes behind the pay wall while nerfing the quality of HoTMs, which makes C2P/F2P players increasingly difficult to keep up the pace with the P2W players.

Am of the view that one of the key reasons that C2P/F2P players are able to compete in the past is due to the higher quality HoTMs until the GTV fiasco. Since then, the quality of HoTMs just nosedived to a point that some of them fall into the same category as the eternal benchwarmer such as Khagan.

This will discourage C2P/F2P players and they will leave/quit sooner than expected.


It may be true that the majority of the revenue are contributed by P2W players, but am sure majority of the players are still C2P/F2P. Without a healthy/broad enough player base, P2W players are going to leave as well and this game will die.

Some ppl call the release of limit breaker feature shortsighted and I would fear even more if they are intentionally ignoring beta tester feedback. Because if this is true, then it is a very clear signal that they just want to milk out as much as possible from the existing player base and this game is going to reach its end much sooner than we think.


Exactly, the model they are using is burn out the player base out as soon as possible.


I will be here . I start this game for pure mistake with 4 colleagues from work. After we discovered the 5 th he already played for 2 years ago.i saw who have more then 1,2 years have low activity some time.and this is normal I think coz after a while you want a brake .no more daily activity(for sure more) check etc etc .For who are a gamer they must now, are only 3 ways to create a game (The basic things)Every game start with a story paper.So for who leave you will not find something better ,coz is impossible. You will think you find something better ,because of the version of game is 1.0.1 but slowly will become like here or others parts. This is my opinion. Stay safe everyone! With respect gents.,see you in the game.

We should ALL refuse to limit break heroes…albeit…likely not gonna happen.


3 longtime members left our alliance (and game) after v39 was introduced. I am not sure if it was because LB, but fact is fact. LB? For what? Just make +40 emblems - result will be the same.

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@TeslaTry I’m sorry you lost three members. :frowning:

I’d think many players will not leave because of limit breakers per se. However, I do think it is very likely that limit breakers are/will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many players.


Each new “amazing and shiny feature” like LB from SGG will force people to quit this game till no one will stay here :slight_smile: It seems that players are literally fighting against the developers to trying keep the game alive


I think that a lot of f2p and c2p players will quit… especially those that weren’t casual. Keeping up will get so out of reach that it will bore them out. I think new players will be done as well, if I was a new joiner now, I’d quit immediately as fruitless chase is no fun to me.

Games should offer endgame power sooner instead of forcing players to grind 2h daily for 5 years… now with LB all effort we put into leveling our roster is wasted, all 4/80 guys turned into 3/70 basically…

This could have been implemented wisely, but no, this is Zynga we are talking about. No slack, no rewarding players, no smart solutions. Only money.

I wish to see their greedy faces during quarterly finance meeting wondering why charts plummeted down.


I didn’t even think about leaving, the game is fun and everyone who enjoys will not leave the game either. Only those who don’t like it will leave …

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I’ll stop paying and begin to find some other game of this style. I tired of zynga

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I’m not a huge fan of the limit breakers, even more because nothing stops them from breaking 10 levels next time.
That said i’m not so much bothered by it either.

This is just another way to delay/prolong the game, which is a nuisance for the sense of accomplishment but also provide new reasons to play.

What it really makes me mad is that they keep putting their own (profit) goals before player satisfaction.
Before asking for new “sacrifices” (is it time, money, hopes or fun) they never give us something in return first, even as a simple “thanks to be still here”.

Also, they treat the playerbase and testers like fools.

So nope, for now this is not reason enough for me to leave and i don’t know for how many people this could be the last drop.

Honestly, part of me hope many people quit, and the other part is afraid of it.

Afraid because it seems this management is more eager to push until the edge and risk everything rather then throw us a bone, not even for their own good.

Until now it worked (for them).

Tomorrow? Maybe?


The last half year I have seen already to many friends leave the game, because money has become to much the dominating factor. This means you even can’t get up with spending as much as 50 euro’s a month. In my case I have stated before that even being a long time player the last year I get further and further behind because I have to do mostly with old heroes because altough spending I have not got one of the decisive heroes of the last one and a half year. Because of that I already don’t play tournaments and that kind of quests anymore and was planning to leave the game altogether, but my ally hold me back. if limit breakers destroys the fun still more over what happened already the last year , then I will follow the friends that already left and quit the game to. A pitty that it is no longer about the players and fair changes for everybody, but only about money. The fun of the time we were big players with 1 team of 3* heroes is long gone.


big spenders have ninja, odin, frig, and whatever they wish. IF they can buy limitbreakers they will be even more powerful. But still I am far away from top and will never be there.
Additionally when all players will have emblems the gap will be smaller then it is now. so stop crying without need to do so.

Non-S1 costume is the thing that might lead me to retirement.


That would be a shame @yelnats_24 but I totally understand.

Count me in… or out.
Had enough of the $$moving$$ bar. Just have no interest in spending a bunch of time trying to get back to having a group of decent hero’s, not fun anymore. Nevermind all the other nonsense in the game.

So yes, I’m leaving because of it. Dont even want to see it.

And I guess change that to left, because I did. 3+ years same alliance no more.


So next month when yunan and Rana costume comes out?

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