Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

I wont leave because of it. I dont think at my level I will see many of the 5k teams outside of raids and tournament. As we are a mid tier alliance there may be one or 2 teams in war that have limit breakers but doubt it will be the norm.

I dont intend on using them on my heroes in the short term but if it gets to the stage I need to in order to remain in diamond due to everyone else using them I may need to bite the bullet, but I wont be spending any money on them in the same way I dont spend on ascension materials or emblems

Rewards have indeed fallen, as many players feel.


There are definitely many that share your view. My alliance, around 600 ish, is now up to 5 planned departures and some voice similar opinions. This particular scenario though with breakers and to a lesser extent non season 1 costumes, is a somewhat new anger lol.

You have players that were still spending thousands, content creators, unofficial brand advocates and cheerleader/fanboys that are now also now angry. No breakers I, and others, continue spending big, bringing in players from other games etc. Almost the entire beta population will have to be replaced. They have mods they don’t even know are quitting yet. Just revenue lost from my alliance alone will be well beyond 10k USD annually from just those 5 departures. That is money that likely would have continued to flow in if this idiotic idea (at least in its beta form it is) never existed.

To the off topic query: the decisions between destiny 1 and Destiny 2…… like with this game the devs are just not listening particularly to their testers. That game franchise went from 20 million players at peak to 178k in about in about 2 years. I would bet all of Zynga’s money this game is now on that path due to sheer incompetence and stupidity involved in development decisions.


I like the complicated things *cause I can brain’pay’ and winover the ones who really pay.

So yeah, I will enjoy it even more. :slight_smile:

P.S. sorry, my fridge is already meatfull :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think I may keep playing but spending will drop dramatically and I spend my share !!!
But I’ve heard A LOT of players will leave and ultimately I may also .


In short the answer is - YES, players will leave the game because of Limit Breakers.
But the real question is how many will pack up and leave just because of Limit Breakers. And that I don’t know, I have no idea.
But the numbers will increase as players leave because:

  • They hit a bottleneck and can’t progress their roster because of lack of mats etc
  • They can’t keep up with the Jones’ unless they pay to play
  • They lose interest, drop off playing because of burnout
  • They get bored with the game and move to something fresh and new
  • They no longer have fun because it becomes a chore and the goalposts keep moving
  • The games becomes so imbalanced with power creep and so many new OP heroes AND costumes on Event Heroes
  • there will be loads more reasons.

But for me - I will continue to play for now. But my spending has dropped significantly (now very cheap to play). My time in the game has reduced. I don’t bother raiding other than a few Revenge. I haven’t even started S4. And once the COVID restrictions are lifted I probably will sign on just once a day to help my alliance with Titans and Wars. And when I can start going on foreign holidays again - then I will stop (just booked a two month cruise in January 2023)… I won’t be playing this game on a cruise ship lol


I probably won’t leave for a long time. I will just play farming stages and clear all the missions, have fun by myself before doomsday arrives


I won’t stop playing because of the introduction of limit breakers. I’ll stop playing when/because it stops being fun. doing something even though it’s not fun means that it’s work. and unless i’m getting paid to do such a thing, forget it.

but i don’t see how limit breakers will improve the gameplay experience for the average player at all.

i could elaborate at length, sure, but the problems with it seem pretty obvious. which makes their tone deafness (or total?) around it pretty bothersome. just see any thread on this topic.


This. I agree.

Currently for me, the game is still a fun challenge even after 3+ years. It is becoming less fun though for myriad reasons. I am ony just now starting to get my offensive heroes emblemed to where I can compete semi-regularly against 4700+ defenses. Limit breakers will be a big step backwards initially, and may very well be the straw that breaks this fun camel’s back. I haven’t even looked at what limit breakers are all about yet. If the step back proves to be unrecoverable …

Will I leave because of limit breakers? Not exclusively.

I am also NOT looking forward to non-S1 costumes at all.


The limit breakers actually don’t bother me much. It’s still the non-S1 costumes I’m worried about because of the double-selling idea. At least they’ve slowed down the power creep on it though :confused:


@Shohoku79 In case you’ve forgotten: I admire your ability to quickly eat your heroes, and hold off buying hero slots. And your laser focus on saving gems for summons.

It is definitely good to focus on the heroes you have, rather than chasing heroes. It’s definitely not easy to do.


I’m surprised it’s still going. :sweat_smile:

I’m not particularly keen to take on 30x limit broken >5k defences in wars.

It will be years until attack teams are levelled sufficiently to effectively attack; and by then the game dynamics would’ve shifted once more.

Whilst some don’t seem to be bothered by the changes; It’s likely they soon will be, as the quiet majority start to abandon the game and their alliances fall apart.


I’ll probably cop a lot of flak for this but… I don’t see what the big deal is. These are seemingly not going to drop very often, and will most likely initially go on defense teams. Beefing up the stats and taking them from what - 4.8k TP to 5.2k TP? The skills remain untouched. Stats - whilst not inconsequential - account for the smallest portion of a character’s performance, with active and passive skills basically defining whether a hero will be poor, average, good or great. My current main raid team includes 2 3/70 heroes and C Mel - so the weak defenses/hp do mean that they die early at times. But they still defeat teams with 600-700 TP more than them a lot more often than they lose. Will this make raiding and wars harder? Sure, I guess similar to what happened with emblems initially (and I love emblems, I think the game would have stagnated before now if something like emblemes was not implementeD). But it is not insurmountable, it is not game breaking. More challenging, which can be more frustrating - but everyone is in the same boat? Or at least everyone who is not a whale, who is most people? Unless I am completely missing something.

Now I get the power creep thing, but I just don’t agree with people saying that heroes become obsolete after a month. Vanilla S1s will struggle to compete at the highest levels, but almost every other category of hero is still relevant. There are a lot of great 4* costumes that can compete at the very highest levels - C Rig, C Mel, C Sabina, C Gormek to name a few. I don’t have any S2 heroes but some of the strongest heroes in the game are S3 - stronger than most S4 and challenge event heroes in my opinion. And there are a bunch of awesome 4*s too. And whilst many heroes now have “better” versions, that certainly doesn’t make them obsolete. I just max emblemed a Delilah, because she was an upgrade from my C Boldtusk. There are now better healers, but she is doing a great job for me in my 4.1K TP team that is competing at the highest levels. She is certainly far from the best, but also certainly far from obsolete.

I think possibly SG is making a mistake from the point of view that they are moving ahead with something which has clearly met with a lot of resistance from beta test to the wider player community, but in regards to the actual changes I am just not undertsanding the fuss :man_shrugging:


No, I haven’t forgotten and thank you. You are definitely one of the very few players who had said good things (or even praises) about the way I play this game. While it is a major turn off for most when they find out that I don’t do most of the PvP things in this game (save for some Raid Tourney b/c it allows 3* and 4* to be played), it is no secret why it doesn’t bother me if I don’t rank high, don’t get to open chests in diamond often, and don’t get the potential mats… Because I simply don’t have the urgency or even have the heroes to actually vie for the mats.

Some of the things players have said of what they will do (like spend less, no spend, or decrease raiding / war or stopping altogether) is something I’ve already been doing since the start and the longer you kept at it, the less the appeal to spend will be. Are there moments in which I wished I had more gems so I could do some pulls when I hear other people having good results? Of course, but those are usually passed pretty quickly. The more you have invested (time and money), the harder it is to pull away and SGG is counting on most of the spenders to not being able to do so.


I’m not leaving yet. But the gap between haves and have nots will get exponentially bigger.

When they first started giving out emblems like they were candy I told my alliance mates something was coming. They wouldn’t boost the gain of anything good in this game unless there was a plan down the road to rip more $ from the community. Once again I was right. (Funny how often that happens).

If the community ever figures it out, now would be a good time. The management and devs of this game do not give a rats hairy ■■■ about the community. That devotion and pride in providing an excellent, balanced and hospitable game to the whole community went out the door 2 years ago when SG sold out. Every decision and promise since has been solely to grab $ from anywhere and everywhere they can. Since the partial purchase by zynga, every promise has gone unfulfilled with no remedy in sight. I wouldn’t blame anyone for jumping off this ship right now.


I think most of the players who has deep roster will keep playing the game, but will spends less, become C2P or even F2P. And the fact is, the game is moving towards serving whales, who wants more powerful heroes and dosen’t mind to keep spending a lot for that. That’s still a good statgery if still able to get huge profit even overall player base is shrinking. Based on past experience Zayra / SGG is almost never listen regular player’s voice like us so no exception this time unless a lot of big whales are complaint that.


Yes, the new struggles will be equal you could say. However, most (not all) players will struggle mightily with 600-700 tp difference in war and get frustrated. Some already have that on later hits. I’m currently in an alliance around 600, most of our players have later hits in the 3.8-4k range and do have to hit 4.5-4.7k full teams with those flags. Now extrapolate that downward to lower alliances. The items are scarce but like 4 star mats will periodically be guaranteed for active players. So it is entirely feasible that players who are still using 3s or 3-60 4s in war could have, and have to face 4.8-4.9k defenses or even higher. This, while equal, will frustrate many. Basically the defenses will dramatically outpace the offensive options at least for war.

Emblems were a periodic gain. You got a few ranger emblems you bumped Lianna from +2 to +3 or whatever. The stat gain was incremental not a giant jump all at once. Emblems could also be swapped later, and more spread out. The breakers in testing could not be reset.

It will hurt hero diversity, assuming you want use the best teams you possibly can the majority of the time. If I remember correctly you do compete in tournaments. How often do you use no emblems 3/4s there when you have a comparable options at +18-20? It certainly can be done, but it’s not optimal. My point here being that in tournaments it will be very hard to consistently use just regular maxed 3s for example, because if facing a limit broken +20 it basically the power of a 4. This is admittedly subjective as a downside, but it would nice not to have to take a hero to +20 or limit break them to adequately try them out.

Basically, it could be done better. There is no need for a new item. The levels could be unlocked instantly or with the 100k useless items we already have. It puts artificial barriers in place when the grind is already becoming too much for some. It further stretches the food resource without more advanced farms being added. Literally dozens of suggestion to improve this feature in testing were ignored. These reasons, and dozens of others, are why people are frustrated with this proposed feature. Last test cycle I think 37 people were against, 2 for the feature being added, of those who commented. It’s brutal, even for the “I like a challenge” type. It’s a bigger bump up then it seems I guess I’m saying. Yes it is “temporary” but that period will last a long time, at least a year or two baring a change in how they are acquired.


No way to know what numbers will be until it happens, but I believe this will have a negative effect on moral and many will quit. So I suspect that recruiting will become very tough for a while, just when things were beginning to normalize. It’s a shame that they are so out of touch with their client base. I mean who runs a business that badly?!? Any business listens to feedback and customers. And this game ain’t even cheap. It’s very expensive, you’d think they would listen. One guy said he hoped they went for it, just so lots of good paying players leave the game, lol. I hope they do it, lose millions of dollars and then realizing what a colossally stupid idea, they fire anyone remotely involved with Limit Breakers. Even if it’s a colossal failure, and it will be, I’m sure they will steer ahead with it. They have no business sense. I wouldn’t let these guys run a neighborhood lemonade stand.


You are not SG’s target audience anymore. SG knows players at your level will attrit out and that your spending habits will diminish dramatically. SG is focused on opening the wallets of new players and in order to do that, new heroes have to be attractive enough in order to compete with players at your level. Hence the power creep!!