Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

I quit about one month ago and fed Anne, Aramis, M&M and about 80 unleveled 5*’s. This solidified my decision. No disrespect to those still playing.


No they do not become obsolete

I like your positive outlook on this. Thank you for sharing @Lowratehitman! :+1:


Just familiarize myself with this 2nd LB effects.

May I ask if lets say in rush they start with Ludwig and 2 Khufu that means that as Ludwig starts with 6 round taunt, I cannot target the 2 Khufu for 6 rounds! in RUSH?

Basically, they will shot and end the game in 6 rounds unless I have a taunt ready myself?

And in this case I haven’t calculated with the other 4 heroes special LB ability…

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If that Ludwig is 2LB to 90, yes. Passive taunt for 4 turns (last updated). You can dispel the taunt.

Will need a sweet board for rush.


You will also most likely need 2 dispellers right?

Yeah. Or dispel then block buff. Thinking of C2 Caedmon here.

Starting board will be even more important then.


Thanks. I think I will start working on the 2 costumes for my Caedmon then. And collect Caedmons as we will need multiple of them. :slight_smile:


Probably need to 2LB them too.

If it’s the same 10 AA for 4* as it is for 5*, a very expensive option.

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I’m sad to see you go, but completely understand and respect the personal decision you’ve made for the reasons stated. Your presence on the forum will be missed.

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I don’t see the point drawing a line in the sand before I’ve even seen the impact.

I don’t buy aethers already so objectively I’m well behind those that do. All my LB has come organically from the game. My enjoyment of this hasn’t changed so to that.

So of course I’ll give this a chance. I would hope everyone does. Fair play if post this you want to leave but I’m curious to see how it all plays out.


Thats cool, but my enjoyment of the game has been going down and down, really all thats been keeping me is the community, and why also im not gonna delete my account i have a friend that lets ppl park accounts in the alliance, but its just getting way to frustrating. The devs aren’t listening to almost anything the players say/express to keep them interested, its way to much stick and like the leaf of the carrot.

Its not gonna be easy, ive been playing this game for going on 4 years… and they just stick to this outdated RNG 1% odds without a true mercy system and other games are just much more strategic, liberal with rewards and the devs interact way more and implement many many things players want (thats obviously not to outlandish) also the ability to fuse/earn legendary heros etc the ability to make a 1* hero up to a legendary in stats (no not talking about one that rhyms with " paid sallow lessons " , that games worse then e&p for odds lol)

But yeah ive given my reaosns, and to “stick it out” is now just gonna take time out of my day where im sitting for hours doing nothing productive and hoping sg will eventually smarten up but its just painfully obvious this is a fools errand (not calling you a fool lol just saying for my reasons) and yeah. Ive been waiting hoping watching being positive in here, try to contribute to the community as much as i can when i can but its now for something that im not enjoying anymore and any hopes for change thats not p2w is even more and more obvious with each new event each new OP hero release each now Ludwig having taunt before a tile touches him isnt gonna happen, and if i want to counter it i need to summon athers now, its to much way way to much… and as much as i keep saying and i hope its been obvious that i do love this community, it’s all based now around something i cant support anymore and am just completely frustrated with. Its almost masochistic.


Ultimately the problem won’t shows it’s true faces for the CTP / FTP players until they go into raids and wars and all teams will be 2nd LB. At some point even the low spenders will be able to put up one team with these. But you need to counter them.

Obviously we wont have that much item to create 6 teams 2nd LB-en, and thats the pont where the stuggles come in.

People seems to ignore that this is not just 5 level (which is more like 20 in stats) but a set of new skills immediately on before you even make 1 single match.

The real problem however seems to be on the competitive level, where they have like 50-100+ maxed 5 star heroes, lots of them used in different formations teams and situations. In order to be competitive you need to 2nd LB on many many of them to face the monster defenses they fight each battle.

Not to talk about levelling up the new weekly OP meta heroes that they need to summon for. Pay for 1st LB then pay for 2nd LB. Out of control.

We face huge whale extinction because the effect on the top is unbearable.