Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

The problem here it’s that, you will need a lot of luck, play well and skills will not help you a lot in this situation.


That one is not even fully emblemed.

Yep, it could have been worse :slightly_smiling_face:
(i.e. it will get worse)


Only if you do it too!

For me, it got easier :wink:

Finishing in the top 1% by tomorrow looks like it will be no problem. Usually I face top tier teams by the third day.
Thanks to LB I still haven’t faced any.
An actual benefit!

Maybe by tomorrow ?
Maybe tomorrow will also be easy.
I’ll find out

Trying to gain a minimal, so-called…
Temporary “advantage”

With a… permanent resource…
Is yet to play out.

But the heavyweight supercreep teams on LB steroids are not in question…
They are…

When I’ve come across teams using a healer like Helo as a tank in a no heal tournament it’s been easier for me as well.

Thanks to everyone who has done that in fact as it’s given me a god solid win without it being stressful when I have a poor starting board.

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I like starting at the bottom and clawing my way up.

Poor composition is prevalent in the ghettos. The last 2 days are usually very challenging for me. Fun!

LB has extended the spectrum. The ghetto is more vast. I got an extra day!
Maybe the last day will be impossible…?
I don’t know yet…
but I’m not too worried :blush:

Your welcome btw :sneezing_face:

I probably won’t quit as this is my primary time burning game. I will however not spend a penny or watch any ads anymore. I’ll just enjoy my time waster without contributing a penny to the greedy company Zynga.


I have faced fully emblemed fully limit broken team 5 times (4 wins & 1 loss), this is the last one I beat:

Looks like I am on track to finish in top 1% without using any limit broken hero though:

Anyone notice the player number in this tournament? Are they decreased (leaving) or not?

Out of everything in play in this infographic, (heroes, emblems, and limit breaks) limit breaks is the only feature that has not required a single penny. Correct?

Limit breaks won’t make that much difference when you’re talking +20 heroes. People like me who have zero or maybe one 3* hero maxed already struggle against the +100 teams in the tourneys. Limit Breakers on top of it make it almost impossible. I got smoked in the tourney on day 3 because +100 limit breaker teams started to appear for me and I was attacking with +0 heroes. Basically zero chance.


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I struggle too with some of my other colors. But that is a personal choice we all make about where we want our emblems to have an impact

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Yep, totally agree…but it stinks because now I’m locked out of performing at the top for the 3* tourneys (unless I emblem them up) and locked out of the top of the 5* VF (cause Afrike mainly) tourneys. At least I have the 4* tourneys to excel in.

I might take a hard look at breaking down and embleming some top 3* heros.

Honestly I’d totally recommend it. It’s so cheap to emblem up 3*s and you will get a return on your investment in tournies and events if you compete at all

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That is why I am not in a hurry to limit break any 3*. Especially as lower-than-needed 3* aether ratio means limit breaking 3* will slow down the speed of limit breaking 4* and 5*. With that 1÷6÷13 ratio, after limit breaking 2× 5*, you have enough 3* aether leftovers to limit break 3× 4* but then you won’t have enough to limit break 3* or costume. I wonder how SG fail to notice this imbalance of 3* aether supply-demand…

You can do what you like but…
Unless you have the time to farm boards all day in an attempt for top 10 in events. I think it’s crazy…

Say you max blem two 3*:
Your first fight on Day 1, will be an enemy with about 40 emblems

If you max all your 3*
Your first fight on Day 1, will be an enemy at, or close to, 100 blems

Now LB them. Same thing…

There’s the type of player that start up top and try to cling to it.
And those that claw their way up from
the bottom. Collecting bonus points along the way:

And why not? Which player relies on skill more? The one with emblems? :yum:

Nothing is more rewarding than dropping 100 blems with none! And collecting top 1% rewards to finish your 6* heroes.

Now that LB is in play. The spectrum between the two player types has widened. Which buys you a little more time before the matches get hairy

It was my observation that for tournaments. All emblems do is make your enemies stronger. While your Cap heroes look paltry and sad.

The most useful tool for success imo,
Is bench depth.
Just level up a few more first. And see what that does for you.

Bonus points are higher for those who start up top, aren’t they?

He already said he struggles fighting against emblemed heroes, including in this tourney where some were LB. So your advice to him is to keep doing the same thing? Or the same thing except level up s few more random? Assuming he has started off levelling the bad heroes first and saving the good ones for last?

Bonus points are mysterious.
My first fight was with a +81 for 521 points, then it was +100 right away for 526.
The second last fight was against a +100 (TP 2908) for 538 and then the last one, against the broken team I showed previously (+78, LB 23, TP 3054), yielded 540 points.
I have a hard time envisioning how a +5% in team power translates into a +0.37% in score.

@BigLordF yes, currently LBs can’t be directly bought. But they come from things money makes considerably easier/more likely.
Like everything in this game.

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TBH the main problem with this tournament is that the enemies have Nordri(s) and I don’t.
What’s worse… I’m not likely to ever have one, so given the ban on C.Isshtak and C.Brienne, you are left in the cold (Ice cold!) with defenses debuffing def at -54% at average speed and no real answer to that.
I find it also arguable that all the slash attacks can be of the good colour for defenses who have the right hero while it’s not the same for attack.

It stays true, thou, that even under those circumstances, even with very unfavourable boards I would have won at least two of the encounters I lost if one of the broken enemies hadn’t survived by 5 or 26 health (i.e. hadn’t survived because of LBs) placing a critical skill or a critical slash attack on one of my fully charged heroes.

But as it stands I have a better time accepting LBs (eventually I will get there) rather than being crusted by Nordri (because I will never have one and can only look forward for when he is obsolete well aware I will probably lack both Nordri and the hero who makes him obsolete).