Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

Yes, I missed it. 🤷

However, I think you missed my point that the new player starting today is more behind than ever, not five months ago.

I don’t think we will see eye to eye on this topic, and it’s fine @dansing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I won’t leave but been F2P since S4 power creep and now I’m so unmotivated that I’ll end up quitting sometime soon. My heroes are slowly getting obsolete and it´s not like I’m paying to summon new OP every month. I may be dumb enough for play this crap but not that much.

War and tournament mismatches are sooooooo annoying as well.


The developers of this game never stops to amaze me at how badly out of touch they are with games (gamers).

The only thing they want is to increase the gap of new players and old by introducing yet another stupid thing for whales to spend their cash on, thats all they care about, MONEY.

Instead of balancing, making ascension mats more common ( since they introduce more and more heroes that yet again mostly the whales only can get ). building of what they already got, they do this AGAIN.

Developers, really?


Did you write the LB code? Where did you get this information?

If I understand you correctly. You are saying that LB Kadilen without costume is better than LB Frigg. Or are you saying that LB will cancel each other out? In which case. If you don’t have as many as your enemy. You have one warflag of LB heroes and your enemy has 5 and-a-half war flags of LB heroes. You think it will be fair?

How is this fair? Do you think that spenders will not get the free LB?

There will be 7* teams before the month ends and they won’t be F2P

They won’t be S1 heroes either…
Costumes maybe. But those ARE NOT the same thing


I understand this is just a game and SG is a business. But their greed shows. They will eventually drive everyone away and when it’s not profitable anymore, the game will go away.

This is the last straw. I’m done spending money. But SG doesn’t care about us average players anyway. They’re after the big spenders. Good luck with that.


TLDR: Players will continue to play, but hearts will not stay.

Ah yes, this topic once again, of breaking meta, breaking banks, and breaking toxic relationships with the summons gate.

I compilation of many of the points brought up by the regulars, we can all agree that majority of the players have had long wanted to quit, and when/if they do, it is highly unlikely “because” of limit breakers, but more of a last straw catalyzed by the LB.

All games have a limited lifespan, and this game reached its peak in late 2019s, where the delicate balance between survivable F2p/C2p meets enjoyable P2p gameplay. The accelerated launch of S3 was (imo) the turning point for this game, where its change in creative direction and market projection shifted drastically, as it opened up to the APJ market. (Here, i am NOT saying its the fault of APJ, but the expansion efforts and company objectives)

Time and time again, SG in Beta has proven not to take constructive advice into account, and also to ignore various warnings of meta break, as if a collective effort to ensure these go live, braving the backlash that would pale in comparison to the green units in return. Not surprising, much of the “OG” players who were able to give constructive or deliberate feedback to better the game has left after this toxic relationship.

Separately, while SG has indeed taken the advice of “more” events to “fulfill” the boredom that many old players has, there is evidently a pacing problem too. Look at the monthly calender, and it should surprise anyone that the calender looks way more packed than most people’s work schedules. Essentially, what this game has turned into is an extra job, where many find it tedious to upkeep, in order to fulfil the tasks events missions etc etc. Ofc the other side of the argument is that you are not FORCED to finish the missions, but hey, the point here is the game has a pacing issue.

Lastly, there are many core issues that remains (unsatisfactorily) resolved, but are blind-sighted by the bombardment of events to distract players from it. Issues such as in-game chat moderating, S1 costume expansion, Hero academy expansion, Elemental links for old HOTMs, Passive abilities to level the playing field across the player meta. Etc Etc. Pretty important features that form the root of all problems that could be solved if resources are directed to appropriate creative channels to address these issues effectively, instead of brainstorming for heroes that just out-play the previous. But hey, choices.

Btw, SG has broke up with Zendesk, and using an internal support system for tickets that has a “live chat” feature that keeps you hovering for days to no response, despite submission of relevant information and details. It’s a horrible service. That should be addressed too.

We all know the outcome, it’s a dead horse.


I have been playing for 2+ years, the power creep is there, and that’s understandable, every game does this. Keeps the players interested. BUT there has been no real quality of life implements. There was a time I actively played on a daily basis , now I just hit titans and war. I could rant and bring up what could be done but we’re already beating a dead horse here. Nothing we say will change the current state of the game

Almost time to move on…


This is just a cash grab and I intend to quit. Seen many games ruined exactly this way.

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This is effectively video game gentrification. Just as I was becoming competitive, with 26-2700 trophies and years of playing and farming for minimum payout; we are expected to do more farming while the people at the top will stay there. Even then, those at the top are going to have to pay-to-win just to maintain their positions. To SG it isn’t enough to OP your old heroes with new heroes, or nerf the heroes you already ascended (tele,vela,frog,etc.); no,no,no……they want to see that open pocketbook while giving no love to the 3+ year players. Kick Rock


This is true, but there WILL be some in the shop for sale. Plus, they are given out as rewards for doing well in events (NT), Mythic Titans, Tourneys, etc… The rich (whales) WILL expand their gap over the poor.


Well, new updated is like pulling carpet underneath the players. Me, at least, had targets what I want to level up, where to concentrate etc. now with this update those targets are vanished. Motivation to keep playing has also vanished, unfortunately.

In this game so many new heroes are coming so often (to me too much and way too fast) and now with this all heroes you have became potential hero to level up even further. What is point to make this brake limit anyway? It feels there are way too many heroes in game already so devs have lost focal point and cannot make power adjustments to balance out the game. And that’s why limit break was introduced, let players do it with money! Unfortunately some of heroes will become even more overpowered and this unbalance the game even more…

And with this you still have normal titans, wars, trials, events, map, POV, etc, etc… What about potential new players who are about to start this game?


Damage formula is not LB code, there is a special thread discussing it.

No, what I mean is relative to their original power, lower power hero got increased more than higher power hero.

That is in case the increase is similar in percentage, which was not.

That is the same as assuming your opponent have more 5* than you. I was showing direct comparison between heroes pre and post limit break. I am not talking about whole roster.

You misunderstood that sentence. I wasn’t saying spender can buy LB is fair. I was comparing LB vs non-S1 costume. There are more free LB than from shop while there are less free non-S1 costume than from buying.

I am F2P and I can reach 4980+ TP with LB after I break the limit of my defense team.

TBT, LB is not as bad as emblem.

Aside from what I had explained regarding the comparison of emblem and LB, while emblem increase luck based battle (due to RNG nature of talent), LB on the other hand decrease it because lower damage/hp result in slower tempo suited for tactical battle.

Yes they are not as bad as emblems, they are even worst.


No you are wrong, read my explanation.

By the time you have 5× 5* aether to limit break a 5* heroes, you will already have 30× 4* aether and only need 20 to limit break a 5*. Therefore you have 10× 4* aether left to break the limit of 2 4* heroes.

This is not the case with emblem where 4* and 5* directly compete.

Emblem talent increase RNG reliance while the damage/HP reduction (when both have LB) because of LB lead to slower tempo battle that is less luck based.

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I have tested them, and I know what they will be, again we will have to use the same heroes everywhere, again we will have to return on mono to have a chance in wars, again all your hero will unusual like with emblems, at least for the emblems you have reset token and if you want to reset some hero you can, for limit breakers this it’s impossible.


I am F2P and I don’t use mono in war. I despise mono in PvP. Half of my team is fully emblemed 4* and they will benefit from LB. I rarely change the combination of my war team so I know which I will give LB.

Suppose there is a whale whose war team is 30× 5* heroes and there is an F2P whose war team consist of 5× 5* heroes and 25× 4* heroes. Who can limit break their war team faster?

Answer: the F2P

By the time the whale manage to limit break 10 of their 5* heroes, the F2P will have already limit break 5 of their 5* heroes and 20 of their 4* heroes.

This update is more disadvantageous toward those who heavily relly on 5*.

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Now you are saying that F2P will have stronger teams faster than spenders…

You greatly underestimate how much money SG makes.

You can’t turn a 4* hero into 7*

And you won’t outrun the money


Half of my team is 5* and I have 10× fully emblemed 5*. My defense team do not have pure S1 (because the only S1 in the defense has costume). Believe it or not, I am F2P.

Not stronger but improve faster. Because improving 4* require less LB than 5*.

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