Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?


I wish I had the sorta resolve one needs to leave a game like this

(…but I don’t)

So no, I won’t necessarily leave because of LB. However, if I find I can no longer play/compete with my 3/70’s - at least enough to enjoy the game - and instead feel forced to max my 5*, and out of that I become resentful and/or disinterested [with the game], then yes, I may leave.

As anyone who knows me knows: I like being able to play with ALL of my heroes. Emblems, and now LB, narrows the field of play too much [for me] imo. 4* mats are scarce enough. I want all of my 200+ 4*/5* heroes to be equally playable [from a stat PoV]. I may be able to tolerate using my 4* mats, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. & Idk, that, alone, could totally change the game for me too.

Although, before this decision was cemented, I had planned on letting my VIP lapse anyway - in about a month - and seeing how I felt then… was thinking if this game didn’t lighten up (esp where I was concerned, as besides this recent S4 craziness, my luck had been :poop: with dupes seemingly trolling me + these new additions were not looked favorable upon by me one bit), a break would be heavily warranted, especially spending. As I’ve been [slowly] burning out (again). & I still may do so… we’ll see how these next 30+ days go.


The direction is for roster evolution.

Not balanced raids or wars.

Bear in mind…
as this "direction" continues:
Your current roster will continue aging.
Every dollar you spend. Will whither.
The pixels you chase have a shelf-life!

Your money is nerfed…
Over time

This is perceived as great news
for new players.
Because they can dump
their personal bank
And then jump
more rapidly, into the fray.

But that perception is near sighted!

Not to mention the harm, complaints, and troubles that will continue to develop for huge portions of game content that used to be the cornerstone of strategy and enjoyment for the bulk of their paying customers.


Heck no! I’m not leaving, I’ve got some heroes I want to try throwing some Limit Breakers at! Ametrine should be even more of a beast! And Shrubbear should be even more annoying as my 3-star tourney tank! :wink:

Good gaming!


How many fully blemmed 5* do you have?

That is the current cap.

I’m gaining on 30.
Myself, and many others are working towards 6 war flags of cap. And consider fully blemmed 5* essentially E&P’s 6* hero. And don’t bother to blem up 4* when we have 50+ 5* heroes fully leveled. Many with much more than that.

A horde of 7 star heroes
are headed your way!

And they won’t be S1.

Which is more dangerous?

But have fun with 3* tournaments :joy:


I’ve heard of the infamous morlovia gate, but the ham gate? What even is that?

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I am glad I went to level my costume rigard and saw this limit break before I renewed my MVP. Will not be renewing my MVP or spending on anything else. Thinking more and more about quitting now. Will have to see how this limit break goes. Don’t see it being good at all.


@JGE We cannot predict the game plan, but based on past behaviour, I’d think it’s just more of the same. They are a business, and they have shown us time and time again that they will do, in some ways, whatever they planned on regardless blatantly showing bottom line takes precedence.

They will keep pumping out the new challenge events, other new events, new OP heroes at an faster pace, whatever…

I don’t have a Telluria or Vela. Many months have past since their last nerf. Still, I was/am upset for all the people who had spent the time and/ money to chase and then level those heroes, only for the devs/SG to maybe not completely ruin them but close enough. I can agree that perception is everything, and peoples’ perception is both Tell and Vela are shells of what they once were.

Poor Vela was targeted even worse, even though anyone paying attention could see it that Tell was the main issue.

It has been written before: the community never truly recovered from the Tell-Vela mess. When people have already been upset, it can be easy to notice seeming smaller things which only upset them further.

I honestly believe that the game, in terms of player respect, meaningful communication between devs/game designers* and the community, and game balance has seriously gone downhill going back to January 2020 when Vela was released, and is only going to continue on the same path.

*This is not personal aim at devs/game designers.


Well it works out for me about 80% of the time. So yeah, that’s what I do :sunglasses:

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Which is more dangeorus, facing 805 (S4) with 755 (S1) or facing 855 (S4+LB) with 805 (S1+LB)?

The answer is the first. Because 805 vs 755 = 100 vs 93.8 while 855 vs 805 = 100 vs 94.2

In another word, when both without LB, S4 is 1.06623× S1 while when both with LB, S4 is 1.06211× S1.

So with limit breaker, S4 is less dangerous toward S1 compared to without limit breaker.

To be fair, emblem and limit breaker are F2P friendly. There are a lot more emblem and limit breaker available for free than from shop.

Non-S2 costume and probable second costume (their wording about costume bonus stack indicate that they had more than 1 costume per hero in mind) are highly unfriendly toward F2P as their free availability is extremely scarce, they are hidden behind paywall. I will always be against them and I don’t care if they punish me more than 2 weeks like last they did to me last January for being against them.


@Tidyup During Springvale this year, they mistakenly offered a lot of ham at an amazing price…

I didn’t care that they made a mistake. What bothered many is that, while they decided to let those who had already purchased that deal keep the ham, they removed all of that ham from that offering.

So if you were sleeping/working/whatever when they mistakenly included the huge amount of ham, tough luck.

@pef Thanks for posting the link to ham-gate.


That would be if card power was really a thing, but we know it is not.

Limit break Frigg is very different then limit break Elkanen.
And you know (at least at first) you should fight those Friggs even with not Lbreaked heroes.

By any means no, it is not F2P friendly.
It is not really friendly to anyone.

It’s just another round of emblems.


The card power is accurate in term of stat. The increase in LB is stat increase only. So I make that comparison without considering skill.

Let me put one where it only come from stat (just reduce 125 for 5*)


Which is more dangeorus, facing 680 (S4) with 630 (S1) or facing 730 (S4+LB) with 680 (S1+LB)?

The answer is the first. Because 680 vs 630 = 100 vs 92.65 while 730 vs 680 = 100 vs 93.15

In another word, when both without LB, S4 stat is 1.07937× S1 stat while when both with LB, S4 stat is 1.07353× S1 stat.

So with limit breaker, S4 is less dangerous toward S1 compared to without limit breaker.

Turn out if I only calculate the stat power (the things that is changed by LB), the stat gap between S1 and S4 is reduced more.

Thanks @Elpis for pointing out that I need to remove the inaccurate skill part of card power.

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Damn, I didn’t even notice that. And I log in to this game everyday lol. Would have snagged that offer up in a heartbeat. Looking forward for any sand empire-gates happening next month

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Noobs. AKA unaware people.
AKA the easiest to squeeze.

Whales will start disappearing when making the top [insert number here]% will start to become difficult because the non-whale population thins.
The general whale doesn’t value money, values the vanity (indexes) it can buy with it.

For me it’s the other way around: what is Morlovia-gate, apart from the cemetery entrance? :thinking:

My opinion on LB and, more specifically, to LB reactions?
I don’t understand why people are so upset: it’s just the same, usual SG paradigm.
There is no way you can call LB something new so it either is still fun or has never been :woman_shrugging:t3:
TBH the only actual reason I can think of for you to “not find it fun anymore” is having reached your purse’s bottom (be it for availability or will) and that comes with the awareness that going F2P you will become less relevant (which is true).

Personally, I couldn’t care less [of LB].
Likely because I never invested a cent in the game.
But you really need to make up your mind: if you were paying for the fun the game provided there is no reason to be dissatisfied now: you had your money’s worth.
OTOH if you were having fun because of the advantage the money you put in the game was giving you… well, that’s not really on SG, don’t you think?

Life has always been harsh for F2P in E&P.
It should have been addressed long time ago and that would have been a righteous battle and a good reason for self-chosen exile.
The error was throwing thousands of dollars (no, seriously, thousands of dollars at a game) expecting for them something similar to “always hold a certain worth”. It was obvious that was never gonna happen.

I’m sorry. I just can’t sympathize. Because it’s the game you (and I) have always played.
If it’s broken now… it has always been.


Recommend all who isn’t satisfied with LB stop donating at least.
You also can rate the app in stores accordingly.


@SamMe / ALL : A practical, acted upon reply:

In December I started an account on my GF’s iPad to surprise her & played as F2P for 4 months, mainly building the SH till 18 before handing her as a surprise, bcoz in a huff, she has deleted her account without saving = lost some very good heroes.

Today, she has built a good playable team thru mainly free game EHT & ETT pulls & 2 PoV gems / coins / tokens. She enjoys the game instead of being “competitively obsessed” with the game, which is what many players who have complaints do… bcoz, I read complaints & complaints.

I have toned down my competitive playing to more enjoyable play seeing her style & still do the same number of daily chests (2 raids + 2 monster), all type of daily hits, XP / farming items collection, but without the pain like what others have.

This makes me not fret, complain about new introductions which in the recent Q&A, SG team has said that people are reactive, while they should use the LBs & see how it plays out. They have also clearly said that older / paying players have to be given propositions in the game to keep it exciting, else, the game’s longevity will be impacted,
I am sure none of us, irrespective of our playing preference, want to happen…!!

This morning, I finished building everything on my base that needs iron. Only 2 Adv Mines L2 & WT17 are left as I have better use for ham.
I can fairly confirm that It is absolutely possible to start a new account & gradually build the whole game up, with FUN !!
if I am competitively obsessed, then no amount of assistance from game or anywhere will help me.

Finally, blaming one’s behaviour / style as the game’s fault is something that SG team & MOST players know to be NOT true. These main stakeholders (SG, OLD & all types of paying players) will carry on with whatever is required to give the game excitement based longevity & complaints which are more rants, will not be allowed to derail it … new introductions will keep happening. The SG Q&A is a good reference point for EVERYONE !! :grinning:

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@dansing I’ll keep my reply to you short(er): you are entitled to your opinion, and to express yourself here, within forum rules.

That sounds like a lovely gift for your GF, which took a lot of time to build.

Also, it is your choice whether to read complaints, and even respond to them.

I have gone and re-read all my replies in this thread. If there is something in particular of mine you are bothered by, you can quote, and I could look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Tidyup I love how you’ve chosen the word “doomsday”. :rofl:

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