Will players leave because of Limit Breakers?

If you are retiring due to limit breakers going live, feel free to express yourself here.

I think it is an idea to show just how many are leaving.

Me? I just got Alby after 21 re-trainings in HA10 on the weekend. My first non S1 5* green in more than 3.5+ years(!) playing (I’m vc2p). I must finish levelling him, and test him out. :sweat_smile:

I guess if you are considering quitting, best to do it sooner instead of later…


I don’t think to leave just yet, it’s since many months that I’m enjoying a free ride afterall.

However I expect this new bottleneck to suck the fun out of PvP scenarios in my future.


For the time being, I am only quitting paying. I will eventually wind up having to leave my top 10 alliance because I won’t be able to keep up, especially if I refuse to limit break any of my heroes. I may continue to play casually in another alliance or I might quit altogether. Regardless, the only thing SG will be getting from me is the small ad revenue from Mystic Vision.


I think to see what will happen, but maybe will have fun hitting some small titans and to make use of my 3* collection after cupdropping. Will retire my alt acc too which is also good lvl. No money for Zynga. And can switch to the other similar game which mustnt be mentioned in the forum with the undead ones. lol


my alliance is still keeping me in the game, but more and more I am seeing many of my ally members start to lose interest and reduce activity. And I am also feeling less enthusiastic about the game.

With the coming limit breakers, and the revival of the costumes for non-S1 heroes, I might just stop raiding and warring…

PS great idea for a thread @SamMe !


Of course you must level Alby and have a good go first. Then decide later.

I am firmly on my way to casual. After this POV. Exit will happen eventually, allowing me to focus more on a similar game that cannot be named. :rofl::joy:


Yes, I would think it is best to wait and see how it will play out.

But look at what happened with costumes. Emblems. We can’t predict the future, but we can observe what’s happened in the past.

It’s never been a better time to get off the E&P merry-go-round IMHO. :see_no_evil:

Edit: I don’t even know if that similar game with zombies is still around. Unfortunately, I’d think it would’ve gone bust by now.


since it is out regardless of feedback and without any restrictions on its application, the only way to make them acceptable is to have Aethers widely available (special quest, tournament and war aren’t enough).

Plus, having a reset item for LB is also needed and also a reset from 4.80 to 3.70 since some heroes are becoming more useless due to the power gap.


It’s still around. Doing well enough. :laughing:


I was pleasantly surprised when they announced an upcoming Q&A with the game designers. That was certainly a step in the right direction.

Now I feel with limit breakers coming out in v39, it’s just back to the harsh reality. :rofl:

PS Thanks @sleepyhead!


I had wondered how any reset of limit breakers would work. I can only guess they’d have something similar to the emblem reset token.

I guess whoever’s still playing will see.


I am not leaving due to limit breakers. I like limit breakers from the same reason I like emblems and costumes - They provide more directions to pursue in order to be stronger.
The fact that other players are stronger than me does not harm my fun. Anyway with my current strength I can achieve all the game objectives.

By the way, I am not paying for summons/ascension materials/emblems, and won’t pay for the coming limit breakers. I don’t see the point in paying for them, it takes away all the fun of having something to pursue. The money I donate to SGG for making a very good game goes only to things that do not provide me with any direct advantage such as cosmetics, hero slots and team slots.


I will still continue playing. But my enthusiasm to the game has been waning lately. I don’t have the stomach playing a similarly-themed game and spend hours per day doing basically the same thing we do here. They will always start nice and better. But will soon show their horns and tails, much like how we are shown on this game. I just can’t help thinking that if E&P falls, so do will the other games of similar theme. Best we avoid spending in any of them IMHO.


I am very close to deleting the game. Not specifically because of limit breakers but because I’m struggling to find the fun in it. Limit breakers is just one more fun-suck…


You are correct! I just looked it up on the Play store. Based on a few reviews I read, I wouldn’t pick it up again.

I also tried out a different E&P clone. I’m not going back to that either! :rofl:


i would certainly miss your insightful posts if you leave @Tess_01 :frowning: sorry the game is no longer fun for you


After not spending since the beginning of April I almost bought the vip/gems deal. But now… nope.

And I’m not doing another similar game. No more gacha games for me.


yeah, I’ve also decided for myself - if I ever stop this game and play another, I will avoid gacha games at all cost. not satisfying in the long run


I make no qualms in my alliance chats about my frequently seemed salty, sarcastic rant about new $ grabbing features that SGG choose to release at every corner. Today it is limit breakers or Aethers that will add 5 additional levels requiring food, iron, mats. There is no stopping them from working on and releasing in the future Super awesome Tesseract Infinity Stone Pow Wow Super Duper Relics to push all of your hero levels to infinity and beyond and call it “You asked, and we listened” (not really)

That out of the way, I have since fairly early on what I am going to do with this game. No raiding (beyond what is needed to go past the first season) , No Warring, and no Spending. I will not be chasing heroes, I will not be pushing myself up the leaderboards, I am just going to take it casual and spend my time in a casual alliance, and make one if needed (which I did). So I was able to avoid a lot of the frustrations that have been circulating around the player base, and fairly evident in the forum rants here.

I have placed focus on one main hero, Isarnia, because she is the queen. Not the most overpowered hero there is, far from it and being Slow mana means she will be trash in lots of people’s eyes. But yeah, since I know there is a realistic chance of acquiring her from the start (e.g. I probably won’t ever get her from summons with the way I am playing, but I have a better shot in TC20). Of course when I did, it was great, then you see the progression the game took.
Hero acquired, then it is getting enough mats to get said hero to 4^80, then it’s emblems released, then it’s costumes, then it’s limit breakers… The game keeps moving the goal post back, and rather than addressing the glaring issues in this game, they kept kicking the proverbial can down the road, continue to ignore the player feedbacks and beta testers. There is really no stopping the $ making train SGG is on because there are no brakes installed on the train, they will use the revenues they garner now to continue this trend they are on, because there are still players willing to pay for this form of entertainment.

My playing time has already been reduced and most of time I am just finishing up buildings needing to be finished and researches needing to be done. I don’t care when I fill my chests, I do what I can to help with Titan hits, my next goal still remains on getting a costume for Isarnia, be it from HA10 or one of the costume chambers. Focusing on what I have rather than chasing after something that’s clearly designed to be behind a paywall and casually playing the PvE is how I am still playing this game.


Well, everything in our lives are part of a cycle i guess, I’m not quitting now because of limit breakers, but I’m losing my interest with the game more and more, too much things happening and when we open our eyes, the game become a 2nd job, i’m already taking easy with my routine and i spend less time playing now, i have another hobby out of game that fill my spirit and I’m spending my energies there instead Empires, i’m “drummer” (a kind of meh but i do some noise lol), anyway, for now i want to see the path this game will take, if i not feel happy anymore, good bye then :wink: