Will new alliance banners ever be available in the Avatar Shop?


Have noticed alliances using a lot of the same banners and colors, think it would be nice if we could purchase new looks for our alliance banners. Could simply be added to the avatar shop. Idk if this has been suggested before or not, didnt bother to search. If it has then @Rook @JonahTheBard feel free to link it to a past thread, just hope it doesnt bury it.


I haven’t seen it suggested before - great idea.

Would leaders have to buy them or could anyone share it within the group perhaps?

But I’d love to see some new icons and patterns.


Well since the leader pays the gems to start the alliance, i would assume the leader pays the gems for the banner.

With that being said, I’m sure if they wanted to implement some kind of cost share feature they could. Such as allowing members to “like” the banner they want for the alliance, select amount your willing to donate to get it, cant claim banner until the gem cost is met by the alliance. Idk just rough idea off the top of my head for that. Something of that nature.

But i would be happy pay for some new alliance banners for the team as long as the cost is relevant to the daily avatars or pins in the shop and not the “featured avatar” cost



20 avatars and gems

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I’m cool with a “Suggested banner” and donations taken to that banner, but I can see ways that this could go south:

  • Leader changes mind and spends on different banner
  • Player(s) change mind(s) and demand donations be spent on different banner
  • Perhaps System doesn’t permit switching donations from banner to banner
  • Leader doesn’t use banner players donated for

I think this could all be nicely avoided if

  • banners were free, or
  • leaders paid for banners since leaders choose banners anyway.

Just looking ahead… :wink:


Agreed without some kind of voting method for banners the alliance banner cost share program would be flawed and even then I’m sure it would be heated arguments over a simple cosmetic. Would probably be best if leader just paid for the banner and could hear opinions from teammates if he/she chooses to do so.


Достаточно того чтобы мог купить лидер или сопредводитель.

Enough to be able to buy a leader or co-leader.

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