Will my Hel have special abilities in Helheim?

It’s nice to see Norse gods & goddesses active in Valhalla. Will my Hel have anything special to look forward to, like influence over the dead?

No, why would she? My boy Fenrir have nothing special when I do Nilfheim so I don’t except anything for hel it is just a poor story but its nice they write something.

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I wish they revamp some of the hotms to have them be affiliated with the nine realms. Hel is one example. They could do something like an innate ability.

  • affiliation: this hero is treated as a family of helheim.

That would be nice actually. Hel should have her own Valhalla family bonus like the rest of the Valhalla heroes.

I think he means if she will gain a realm bonus

If just funny, like she’s the queen of helheim but technically she’s not