Will male avatars be the only free ones in POV?

POV seems to be on a cycle where only male avatars will be listed as free ones, is this something that will change in future POVs? One of my alliance members was talking about hopefully getting a female av in next POV but with the current trend I’m not sure if that will happen, which would be a shame. Just curious if it had been considered is all. Thanks!


If the pattern continues I would say no.

Free PoV gets the Current Month (read starting month) avatar while the Premium Avatar is the next month… As SG have said elsewhere that they alternate gender of HotM…

I’ll flag it with staff & see if they may be interested in doing the ol switcheroo every second PoV


That was my thinking also so I appreciate you putting a word in.

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Tick = Great(!), Tock = OK(…)

  • Vela = Tick
  • Jean = Tock
  • Telluria = Tick
  • Malosi = Tock
  • Clarissa = Tick
  • Raffaele = Tock
  • Next… Red Tully counter?! a Tick?

This also matches the Path of Valor Free/Premium tiers:

The Avatars of the Great heroes are all going to be premium for now…

Just sharing a pattern… not intentional, I believe

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I hadn’t noticed that it was female/pay and male/free. I did notice that it was the most recent two HOTMs, with the most recent 1 being pay and the previous 1 free.

@brother_north has the pattern, and this is it.

This seems like such a small complaint, but I really wish they’d alternate the genders of the “Free” and “Valor Pass” avatar rewards on the Paths of Valor. So far every female avatar has been paylocked while every male one has been free. It’s so annoying that if you want to have one of the unique women characters as an icon you’re going to have to drop $10. There’s already more male avatar options than female options in general, so it would be nice if they’d even things out a bit and alternate the rewards.


They seemed to have switched up they way they have been alterating HOTM so this will change. The next 2 HOTM Zulag and Glenda are both female and should be the avatars in the next POV.


Arkady is right, so many Male avatars in general they could just switch one month and have female avatars free every month instead. No alternating just make it so every POV is female avatar free.

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