Will loot carry on to be nerfed?

Since starting this game I have notice across the board how badly loot has been nerfed. Winning a summons token is becoming as hard as 4* Matt’s if not harder. My friends always ask me about this game, but I tell them unless you are prepared to spend like me, do not play it. Now I pay for all my acsention material because if I never I wouldnt have a 5* team, not even close. My question is how much more greed is required b4 people start mass quitting the game? We pay obscene amounts of money for pictures of characters and objects. I have invested alot into this game and would like to see it continue to rise. Sadly i have seen so many people quit due to how little amount of free stuff is now given away, when will the devs start giving the people something back? Yes alantis rises is cool but that is not giving us the stuff we really want. If i was a new player the way the game is now, I would have quit after a week. I want to see more players not less. Alliance recruitment is dead with new players. Come on SGG sort it out, I spend my life on this game, dont ruin for everyone with your greed


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