Will kage benefit from the mana boost on his 19th emblem node?

I have kageburado with mana troop on 11 so he charges up with 6 tiles, 3 ghosted tiles, 4 tiles where 2 are ghosted and 2 hit… etc.

On his talent grid 19 node, there is an option to select +2% mana charge speed. Does this affect him in anyway?

Not with the same lvl 11 troops

However, it might help if you intend to use him with lesser mana troops, asigning those lvl.11 troops to another hero.


Ian is right. I’ve been lucky enough to grab some purple mana troops, and I use a level 5 on costumed Rigard, a level 11 on Clarissa, and a level 17 on Proteus (with his 2% mana node), for nine, six and nine tile charge respectively when stacking purple

So if you have another hero who could benefit from the higher mana troop and might be in the same stack, take the mana node

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I have Kage+19. I think the defense bonus node is more beneficial to him than the mana bonus node. +2% mana bonus is too miniscule for my taste IMHO. At any rate, as we continue playing the game, our mana troops will be leveled further, rendering the +2% mana bonus to be an absolute waste of emblems and resources. Leveling troops also benefit other heroes. Choosing the mana bonus node will only benefit the hero.


I would say yes it is worth it.

The 2% mana bonus means Kage will only need a lvl 5 mana troop on him to cut tiles down from 6.5 to 6 (or ghost 3 tiles).

Only needing a lvl 5 troop instead of lvl 11 is a huge bonus.


Yup, you can give kage with mana troops lv.5 if u give mana node emblems to kage and he will still charge the same as mana troops lv.11

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I understand… this assumes that i have another mana troop (kinda hard to come by…) and that i have another v.fast purple who will benefit from the lvl11 mana troop that i have. I guess i was asking if in the scenario that i only have 1 v.fast hero (kage) and 1 mana troop at lvl11, should i just go for the def bonus at node19?

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