Will it be necessary to finish Atlantis Hard Mode to progress further? Will you need to complete all Hard Stages to get the Mission rewards?

I asked this before in a Season 2 thread, but it kinda got lost, so creating a new topic.

Do we know if it will be necessary to complete Season 2 in Hard mode to unlock whatever might come next (Atlantis Base, new buildings, Season 3 etc etc)?

Or will just completing Atlantis in normal mode be sufficient to progress?

I ask because I am as far as is possible with Normal mode, but I have only bothered to do 2 or 3 provinces in hard mode so far. Should I get a move on?

I realise I am missing Atlantis tokens by not doing the hard modes, but is that the only downside?

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I doubt it, that would hold a large amount of the player base back.


If your heroes are strong enough, I think you should do the hard mode because of the rewards.

But I doubt something significant will be inaccessible to you if you haven’t completed the hard mode. It is possible something small may be inaccessible though (in the same way that, if you hadn’t completed the most recent provinces on easy you can’t go to the next one). No idea what that would be.

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Have no real info, but as far as it was possible to start season 2 without the need of having season 1 complete, logic dictates that wouldn’t be a stopper. However, as @IvyTheTerrible says, rewards justifies the world flags, but you need strong heroes and a bit of strategy.

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I strongly suspect that the reward will be for completing easy, simply because Hard has no cut scenes, so you are not “solving the mystery” when you are doing hard. It’s certainly worth it to do the hard levels, though — that’s a lot of free (or cheap, if you need potions) Atlantis summons! [My nearly maxed 4-star team is at the timer wall for easy, and gradually working through province 4 of hard. It doesn’t yet feel “impossible” for my team strength.]

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The hard modes are getting increasingly hard—like, seriously-hard don’t-even-think-about-autoplay aren’t-rare-quests-easy hard.


The hard modes are getting increasingly hard

Agree. I’m doing province 18 on hard with a TP above 3400, and Onatel slowing down the boss’ specials is the only thing saving my butt. If she misses (because of the fog), I’m usually toast without throwing axes/bombs/dragon attacks/kitchen sinks, and sometimes even then. Kage’s special can nuke any one of my heroes, even at full health.

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I play hard mode currently with my best monocolor raid teams of tp3750-4000 and still have to use some items every now and then. Thats how hard they are and loving it :slight_smile:


A related question is what will happen with the Atlantis summon porthole when all of Atlantis has been released? Will it be open all the time or still on some monthly rotation? Will all of the new heroes be available all the time?

So do you only get the mission rewards for completing Season 2 in Hard?

It is my opinion that the devs are hard at work in the background on things we know nothing of… in preparation for Season 3.

I suspect that when Season 2 ends there’ll be a few months where Atlantis will be open to all… then it will be replaced with the current limited pattern, but for Season 3… and anywhere from 3-6 months into Season 3, the S2 heroes will go into the Training Camp.

Note: this is nothing but conjecture on my part.

I think @IvyTheTerrible was talking about the crafting and ascension materials you get every time you complete a stage.

About the mission rewards, the wording makes me think that completing the season in normal mode will be enough to get the tokens and the avatar.

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Loves me my hard mode to not only get the tokens but then to use my Loot Tickets for great XP and items. It really is worth doing peoples.


Yep. I completed Hard Mode on 15-8 just so I could then use the loot tickets to farm there.

Season 2 hard has been fun. You have to pick the right heroes and be smart.
I did do one with my levelling team by accident. Didn’t kill a thing. Waste of 13 WE,

It’s now my favorite farming area as I need forge items and it isn’t mindless.

I interpreted this as the rewards listed on the Missions tab (to the right of the Heroes tab at the bottom of the screen). It’s a good question. I guess I haven’t thought about it, since we’re still 6 provinces away from being able to complete it. I have no idea, since no one has completed either normal nor hard yet. We’ll have to wait two months and see what people start reporting. It doesn’t say anything about completing it in hard mode, so I’d guess you can do it in normal.

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This has been said before, I guess, but not many ppl are going to. Be able to finish Atlantis hard mode so it’s unlikely that s3 would require it. I bet its 1/100 who can do it if you take the whole player pool.

If season 3 is like season 2, it would presumably unlock for anyone who had made a certain amount of progress on season 2.

With the token rewards on the S2-hard, presumably some form of Atlantis gate has to stay available even after S3 opens, so that people can use those tokens (and the ones from finishing Atlantis). Whether there will be an Atlantis portal open all month long or one period for Atlantis and one period for S3, or a combi-portal for both S2 and S3, or Atlantis tokens start working on the ordinary summon, because the Atlantis heroes get mixed in, we really have no way of knowing. There are a lot of ways that SG could set this up, so we’ll just have to be patient…

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I’m kind of amazed that no one has completed the normal levels yet…

I’m going to keep on trucking on normal and see how far I can get. The loot is so much better here and getting to save up Atlantis coins for the next summons is exciting. Just not a fan of the Dense Fog stages. Mana restriction slows the battles down a lot.

Plenty of people have completed the normal levels that are currently available. But the last few levels are not open yet, so nobody can have completed them.