Will effects stack with 2 Athena's?


Does anyone know if you use 2 Athena’s will her special skill effect stack?


Buffs (and debuffs) don’t stack in this game. For example, if a character has +20% Attack and you use a Bear Banner for +25% Attack, that character will end up at 25%, not 45%. The new buff overrides the old buff. If they then got a -30% Attack debuff, it would override the buffs, leaving them at -30%, not -5%.

What all this means is that Athena’s debuff will not stack. In fact, if you hit with Athena’s debuff and then hit them a few times for the added debuff, using a second Athena would actually raise their defense, since it would take it back to the “base” -41% of her skill.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Athena (let alone two Athenas), so this is not tested, it’s just based on how all other buffs in the game work.


Edit Sept 22 - I just found this old post, and thought I would edit it with the correct information. As of version 1.6 Athena and Brienne’s special skills won’t stack together, as they both boost attack power.

At the time of this edit WuKong’s special will still stack with other specials that buff the same stat (accuracy and attack power). As well, First Mate Boomer’s defense vs holy will stack with a general defense boost. At the time of this edit these are intentional, and will only change if they are causing a game imbalance.

Again, any special skill can be active concurrently with another special skill, as long as they affect two different stats. If they do affect the same stat, (eg. attack power) then the last one to be cast will overwrite the one that was already active. This holds true for hero specials and items.

Apparently, at this time Athena’s buffs stack with everything. As Traevon pointed out, this is not how it’s supposed to work!! Apparently it’s on the to be fixed list. As a note, currently Brienne and Wu Kong are the only others that will break the rules and stack. No word if this is on the fix list.

If you’re curious about stacking, here’s a clip from the Compendium:


Bold tusk OR a bear banner would stack with wu kong and Brianne as well right? Since they all have different buff symbols.


Just re-read original post. No, 2 Athenas won’t stack together. They both share the same ‘type’ of special skill. I jumped to stacking other specials that also decrease defense. My apologies!!


Correct Jas, it would be either Bold Tusk or a bear banner. At least for the moment!


Good info, thanks for the replies all. I guess this 2nd Athena is gonna make an expensive meal for another hero, lol