Will Disney legal team come for SGG Season 3 Heroes?

Will Disney copyright claim E&P’s Season 3 heroes like Loki, Thor, Odin, Frigg, Siff? What about Snow White, Alice, The Hatter?
Most likely not. But it is fun to imagine if they does.

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An American company taking a Scandinavian company to trial for intellectual theft on Norse mythology :roll_eyes:

It’s not that funny because it could happen and we all know somewhere in the US there’s a judge ready to rule in favour of the Mouse.


They can’t cos they didn’t create those characters. It was “created” before Disney even existed.

They can only claim IP on unique characters that they have created (at that point in time) and then patented that creation.

Disney will roll in real quick if SGG does a toon S5 with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy or even consider a Star Wars related theme. It’s possible though, just pay royalties.

Some games do feature a tie up with Patented characters, and end up with a huge sack of money cos their players all went nuts trying to secure those game characters.

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They can claim they own IP on a particular depiction of a pre-existing character.
Or on a particular “new” trait, feat, detail of their story.

Possible. Uphill battle versus obvious win for self created n patented characters. Would need deeper pockets plus bigger team of researchers to positively exclude any other possible source (includes researching those sacred (now limited edition) tomes in certain well known libraries round the world. Plus battle cultural characterisation if said character is borrowed from another culture.

Just to amuse our thoughts…

Disney is reported to copyright claim against depictions that are suspiciously similar to their IP, not only those that are exactly the same.

E&P’s Loki doesn’t look like the traditional depiction of the mythological Loki. However, he looks suspiciously similar to Disney Marvel’s Loki.

E&P’s Frigg doesn’t look like the traditional depiction of the mythological Frigg. However, she looks suspiciously similar to Disney Marvel’s Frigga.

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Lol … as long as no one blabs then. :joy::rofl:

And don’t mention that cMelendor looks like Gandalf the White :shushing_face:


Is Joon Dwayne Johnson?
Is Malicna family name Potter?
Is Tiburtus a former KISS?
Has Wukong anything to do with Game Science?
Will Coca-Cola play lowball on Santa?
Will Chicken Jr. start dancing on Dragostea Din Tei?
Do the Scots like how Mel Gibson has become Bjorn?
Not to mention Dickens is probably rolling in his grave for what SG has made of his Christmas Carol…

I’m just glad they didn’t give him a white hat