Will creating a new Apple ID/Game Center account cause me to lose existing progress?

Hey all, this might be a silly question, but will creating a new Apple ID and game center account AFTER already making 6 months of progress cause me to lose anything?

Basically I downloaded this game for me and my son on 2 separate iPads, both using my one apple ID, and we’ve both been playing it madly for months. Neither of us have logged onto Gamecenter, to avoid one progress synching over the other. But now I want to make sure our progress (and purchases!) aren’t lost, so I want us to each have a separate gamecenter account, meaning I may need to switch apple IDs for one or the other iPad. But I don’t want that switch to kill progress.

I hope that makes sense, and would love to hear from someone who knows for sure that this can be done safely.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

I have two Apple IDs, and switch back and forth between them on the same device. I think you should be safe, except I’m concerned with this part of your comment:

I’d suggest submitting a support ticket to SG directly, and ask them for guidance.


It should not if the accounts in question have never been attached to AppleIDs. As it is not possible to unattach a Game Center (AppleID) account from a game account, please be careful on which account log in, when you enable Game Center.


Thanks for the replies. So just wondering - when you log on to Game Center, will it try to synch without warning, or will it give you a continue/cancel option if it’s about to wipe out everything on your device?

Pretty sure there’ll be no warning. It’ll be a leap of faith.

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Hi Murgs,

I started with one E&P with my AppleID mapped to my GameCenter account on an iPhone.
Then I continued a second account of my husband on a second device that was not yet mapped to a GameCenter account. I wanted to have the progress of both saved in GameCenter. That’s somewhat similar to your situation.
I wanted to use my mainAppleID for In-App purchases. I therefore created a seperate AppleID that I use to connect to GameCenter on that 2nd device. The additional AppleID has no payment etc. just used to use GameCenter. When connecting the 2nd device to GameCenter you can use to do it with that separate/additional AppleID and both devices run with two different ID’s in GameCenter but one ID for payment etc.
When using the wrong ID in GameCenter it overrides your progress and I’M not sure if there is a warning or not, so better use two AppleID’s for GameCenter.


Thank you! This sounds very much like my situation. So when you log on to Gamecenter with the wrong ID it overrides your progress, but then if you relog with the correct ID it should restore it again right?

Thanks Petri. I think my main concern is whether, if I create a new Apple ID on the IPAD, it then goes and deletes all apps that were not installed under this new ID (ie. wipes my ipad clean).


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