Will backgrounds in the avatar shop come around again?


Hey everyone! So the one day the avatar shop sold the pretty green landscape background I had forgotten to check the shop. Now all the backgrounds tend to be dark or not landscape and I really want a nice, green landscape background. Does anyone know if the avatar shop will recycle backgrounds ao I can get the one I want?


I imagine that there are a finite number of backgrounds and pins which will run on a set cycle. I can’t confirm this though.


The green landscape I admired the other day was actually “graveyard” and has been around twice.

I’m sure these will all cycle. :slight_smile:

Here is today’s:


If you click the [eye] button, it will show you what the background looks like with your current avatar and pin (if any).


Yup, I bought today’s because it’s a pretty cool battle-scene. The one i want isn’t the graveyard one, but the one with grass and trees in the background. Idk, it might have graves, but what I can see in other players’ avatar pics it doesn’t.

I’m trying to collect a few backgrounds that match my personality and what will hopefully be a nice elven avatar (liana is used wayyyyy too much). I’m actually hoping for a 1200 gem one so it can be more unique and I can spot myself better in a crowded chat. I have no idea who it would be, but it has to be elvish to match my in-game name.

It’s encouraging to know that one background has repeated already!


Here is one of my Co-Leaders sporting “Graveyard” (top) and “Corellia” (bottom)



I went with a 4th July motif. Need a white star on blue pin or something along those lines.


If my memory serves me correctly, the one background I purchased, the graveyard, has only been offered once.
But like others, I think they will return on a cycle.


Are the backgrounds/pins/avatars you buy from the shop added to your profile avatars inventory so you can change them whenever you want or are they a one-time offer and they disapear after you change them for something new?


They’re yours to change at will. In your avatar page, there are tabs for background and pins.


Yeah the graveyard I saw in the shop. I don’t want anything dark or spooky; I prefer cheerful with the exception of yesterday’s (mostly because it reminds me of the movie Mulan which is one of my favorites ;).

I can’t wait to see what today’s is! I’m jeeping my fingers crossed they’ll have just what I’m looking for :slight_smile:


I hope they will continue to expand flags. My only wish for pins, no interest about other.


Depending on what avatar you use, the so-called graveyard can just look like a forest glen (see example above).

I’m definitely buying it if I have 200 gems the next time it pops up!


I hadn’t thought about that! I may buy it myself when/if it shows up again.