Will Atlantis & Wonderland Summons Overlap?

Atlantis is two weeks away and Wonderland is expected on Thursday.

So, how long do event’s normally last and will they overlap?

I’m trying to decide where to spend my gems this month and don’t want to skip Wonderland only to find Aegir is the returning HOTM for Atlantis if they don’t overlap!

Atlantis will start too late to have both of them at the same time.

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Challenge events are usually three days, as is Atlantis I believe,so will have plenty of time in between them.

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Atlantis starts next week.

The other replies already have explained that Event challenges and Atlantis will not overlap - but they never do.
Event challenges always begin on the second Thursday of the month and last until Sunday (times depend on where in the world you are).
Atlantis always begins on a Thursday at the end of the month and lasts also until Sunday, if I am not mistaken.

And just to calm your nerves - Aegir is a much too recent HOTM, so I wouldn’t expect to see him in the Atlantis summons any time soon.


you can also use atlantis coins, not just gems, and if you haven’t done so catch up on the map with those hard mode stages that give 5 coins before Atlantis starts again.

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atlantis is expected to be feb 28 (as per game countdown clock) and there will be an overlap of hotm. we will have kunchen (the first day) and march’s hotm in the same atlantis span

Challenge Events are usually the second Thursday of the Month while Atlantis being the 4th (typically last) Thursday, and each lasts about 3 days, so there is not going to be any overlapping.

The only type of exception would be weeks long seasonal events, which might coincide with either challenge events or Atlantis.

Kuchen is not worth it I got him and he is bugged!

Yeah, I think I was getting confused with the Xmas event that was up at same time as Atlantis.

Guess I’ll be spending my gems on Wonderland… Then kick myself when Hel and GM appear in Atlantis!

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