Wilde Kat - Casual International Alliance Seeking Actives!

Wilde Kat is a casual, friendly international alliance of (mostly) mixed Americans and Germans. We’re trying to step up our game and recruit regular active players who will participate in wars and titans.

Leader: Rainfell
Co-Leader: Spellsmith

What we’ve got:

  • 18/30 as of this writing
  • 200 cup minimum (just to make sure you’ve progressed at least a little)
  • Idle members kicked after 3 weeks inactivity
  • Core of dedicated players in the 30-40 level range with 3000-4000 power teams
  • Chatty people who check in daily
  • 5-6 star titans
  • Majority of players are working adults

What we don’t have:

  • Coordinated war teams (we’re still learning tactics)
  • Any push for members to pay to get stuff. Free is fine.
  • Requirements for daily activity, always hitting titans, or always using all war flags. We understand people have jobs, families, and other hobbies. Be as active as you can, but don’t stress it if you’re gone for a few days.

While we don’t use Line, we have been talking about setting up a Discord chat so people can coordinate and socialize more easily. We learn mostly by trial, error, and sharing knowledge as we see what works and what doesn’t – learning and growing is part of the fun!

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