Wilbur's Spirit Link Overwritten by Evelyn and Frida's Elemental Down? (SOLVED!)

Using Wilbur’s special puts Spirit Link on the enemy.
Using Evelyn’s special removes Spirit Link and replaces it with Nature Defense Down.

I’m not sure if the same happens with other elemental down heroes or not. I’ll test with Frida and Guardian Jackal later this week.

Evelyn also has a dispell.

It’s working as intended.

Ooooh… I didn’t realize that Evelyn also dispelled stuff… Spirit Link is considered a ‘buff’, even though it isn’t really, in the case of how Wilbur uses it…


I don’t know how I feel about that. Looks like Frida does the same thing… Disappointing that it’s one or the other when using them in tandem. :-/

Great catch, Jonah! Tyvm.

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No worries dude. I had to ask that myself a few weeks ago :wink:

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