Wilbur's special regarding a defense team

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Someone could help me understand Wilbur’s special regarding a defense team. I see many comments that Wilbur in Defense can become fragile and benefit the enemy team. For what reason?

When his special hits it allows spirit link (damage sharing) to the opposing team. If the other team has a cleanser to remove the defense reduction it leaves your opponent with just spirit link, which makes them tougher to pick off individually.


Perfect, the first comment I can understand, if the opponent then has Kiril makes things worse.

Wilbur seems to be better for attacks where we can control

the link of esperito can only be removed by dispeller? Does Rigard only remove low defense status?

The link isn’t removed by Rigard because it’s not considered an ailment, but the defense reduction is removed by Rigard. I can’t see a use for him. He may be the only 4* I’ll end up scrapping.

I do not understand, did not you like Wilbur?

I played with him still nvl1 19-9 amazing he remained alive he defeated very fast with active spirit link, looking like playing 8-7

I love using Wilbur for farming. Mine is at 3/20, and even at that level he is amazing. If u combine him with someone like Drake Fong (and I assume Grimm, Tibs & Gormek) they can take out the entire board of monsters. He’s a fun hero. I can’t wait to get him high enough to use on titans and in raids.

I’ll only use him for offense

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He’s awesome for Titans…


Preformatted textWilbur is amazing. On titans for his debuff, on raids for the spirit link and debuff, and on other modes for his defense boost and spirit link.

It’s not just rigard either. If I was attacking him, I’d take kiril with me, and isarnia. When his special goes, I get spirit link, I fire kiril and I have defense boost (overwriting Wilbur’s debuff) and then isarnia so I now have an enemy team with defense wayyy down, mine is up and spirit links for all. It basically inverts his special.

I ran him as tank for a while when they were fixing the bug and took away “enemies share damage for four turns” with great results, and the second it switched back on my raid defenses weren’t so auccessful


Using Wilbur for farming is like fishing with dynamite.


He’s great for titans and raid offense. He is both Isarnia and Gunnar at average mana speed. Let that sink in a bit and you’ll max him out soon enough. One of the most impactful specials in the game.

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Ha ha ha. It sure is. He’s on my team of heroes that I’m levelling. I use them for farming so that i can learn how they work

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Many thanks to everyone I understood perfectly, I just have to thank this Forum for wonderful people in sharing information :slightly_smiling_face:


Good on you. Takes awhile to show new players all they can learn farming. They seem to be afraid to touch the screen.



This made me laugh