Wilbur's special attack dispelled as buff [working as intended]

When you use Wilbur and have a hero that dispels buffs, the attack that makes your enemies share damage is dispelled. I know sharing damage is usually a buff, but since it’s placed by Wilbur as an attack, it can’t be the intent that a hero from your own team can dispel it from the enemy team.

It is unfortunately so everything works as intended. Same regarding costumed Gunnar’s effect.


Yeah If you fire Wilbur then say Sonya it will cancel it out as Sonya “removes all buffs from enemy’s”

Have a read of that! :+1:


It is odd to think about, but Wilbur casts a buff and a debuff on the enemies:

So yes, that does mean that your allies will dispel his damage share. It’s not a bug, it’s intended design. My best guess for this decision was to balance out how powerful his skill is already so that synergies with him are a bit more limited.

You can play around this if you use your dispeller’s skill last, or before Wilbur though. I raid regularly with Wilbur, Mitsuko, Khiona, Domitia and Red Hood myself, and I usually always make sure to use Domitia’s skill after Khiona, Mitsuko and Red Hood. That still lets me spread a considerable amount of damage.

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