Wilburs shared damage status alignment is removed by debuffers-SOLVED

today 2019-08-13 9:40 CEST. When you use debuffer (tested Sonya and Melendor) after Wilbur the shared damage status alignment is removed from enemies and only decreased damage remains.
Also I thing that Wilburs skill is kind of broken as mentioned elsewhere.

It is intended behaviour. Shared damage is considered buff and is removed by dispellers like Sonya, Sabina, Zeline and others.

How exactly it is broken?


I have experienced thath it did not aply to all enemies, but maybe it has been fixed already…

It can be not applied when enemy has active buff protecting him from status aliments e.g. from Aeron or Gato. If Wilbur has been blinded by Drake, Joon or Justice his special skill has chance to miss enemy. Also Kunchen permanently resists defense debuffs.


I would argue that if your defense is unaffected or up, sharing damage is an advantage, but if your defense is down, it is a disadvantage.

If your defense is unaffected or up, the damage that gets shared with everyone is so low that it hardly causes any problems for any of your heroes and you have an advantage.

But if your defense is down, high amounts of damage are spread out all over your entire team, which can be devastating because it gets everyone to the brink of death simultaneously. If you get hit by a strong AoE or attacks boosted by Wu or Ranvir while in that state, your entire team can be down in no time. Once everyone only has a small amount of health left, it’s likely they will (almost) all die at once if one of them gets attacked.


Right but it must be considered either buff or debuff to determine how dispellers and cleansers affect it. Developers decided it’s buff, end of story.

I agree with you it can be harmful or beneficial depending on your heroes’ hp.


Yeah I play this for more than year, so I know more or less the mechanics. But maybe it was my Wu-Kong or something as you say I havent noticed - so I am not sure about it. But this debuff (“destatus alignment” from enemies) by my hero should not happen. Agreed?

It can be helpfull tho. You can deal damage by some multiple target skill (Tiburtus). Than debuff it. And kill one enemy by some single target hero (Joon)…

Sorry but I don’t understand this part.

-44% is the greatest def debuff in the game. And with Wilbur it comes at average speed. The only other hero comparable to this effect is Athena - but she affects 3 only and doesn’t provide the buff for allies. Other -44% are Santa and Isarnia - both slow. I could argue that Wilbur’s effect surpasses all of them, and the enemy shared damage is added there for balance reasons, otherwise it would be waaay too broken. And with a dispeller you can achieve the full potential. I am pairing Wilbur with Zeline often and it’s amazing. On defense this squad keeps me in 2600 cups, and I feel I am probably the only one so high with a 4 star hero on defense team lol.


Well it s just a question of terminology (I am not sure about it) But buff is comming from your hero, while status alignment from enemy. So healers/and other heroes remove astatus aligments from allies. Debuffers remove buffs from enemies. But to my best knowledge there is no hero who removes status alignments from enemies. So here comes my made-up term de-status aligment instead of de-buff.

No. Buff is a positive effect and debuff (also called status aliment) is a negative effect. Most heroes put buffs on their team and debuffs on enemies but there are exceptions, for example:

  • Wilbur puts shared damage buff on enemies,
  • Master Lepus puts defense down debuff on himself.

Dispeller is a hero who removes buffs (positive effects) from enemies. That’s why Sonya removes shared damage buff from enemies.
Cleanser is a hero who removes debuffs (negative effects) from your team e.g. Rigard removes burning effect from your team.

Please also see this thread for terminology:

Status ailment — the fancy-shmancy word for a debuff; an effect on a hero that is harmful, such as blindness, poison, burning.


Ok didnt know that. Point taken. So its not a bug… problem solved :smile:


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