Wilburs shared damage status alignment is removed by debuffers-SOLVED

No. Buff is a positive effect and debuff (also called status aliment) is a negative effect. Most heroes put buffs on their team and debuffs on enemies but there are exceptions, for example:

  • Wilbur puts shared damage buff on enemies,
  • Master Lepus puts defense down debuff on himself.

Dispeller is a hero who removes buffs (positive effects) from enemies. That’s why Sonya removes shared damage buff from enemies.
Cleanser is a hero who removes debuffs (negative effects) from your team e.g. Rigard removes burning effect from your team.

Please also see this thread for terminology:

Status ailment — the fancy-shmancy word for a debuff; an effect on a hero that is harmful, such as blindness, poison, burning.