Wilbur's opponent spirit link debuffed by Ally?

Not sure if Wilbur’s spirit link against opponents should be dispelled by an ally. Happened to me when using Sonya

Is the opponent spirit link considered a con to Wilbur’s special?

Yes it’s considered a positive buff for both teams.

Thanks. I’ll open a support ticket.

Err perhaps I mis understood. It should be getting dispelled right?

Sonya should remove the enemies spirit link. It caught me by surprise too but it seems intentional by design.

Okie doke.

In other news, Apparently counterattacks don’t counter shared damage. Lol

Yeah I found any type of DOT doesn’t either. I have been posting more information over in this thread about Wilbur.

Bring Wilbur along with Wukong, dragon banner and mana potion. Wu will be more helpful against higher level titans in the sense that he wont get killed in 1 shot.