Wilbur's link dont work on Challenge Event

This is not the first time that this happens: enemies take the link’s and the defence debuff’s symbols, but when you hit one of them, the others have no damage…

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Same happend to me, I thought it was a glitch of some sort.

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Can you get video of this? I just went in and ran stage 1 of legendary with Wilbur, and the damage sharing appears to be working fine.

Please note that if you use someone who removes enemy buffs, like Melendor, Caedmon, Sonya, or Sabina, you’ll clear the spirit link from the opposing team.

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I have not… And i cant upload a video here ):
And I do not use a debuffer ^^

Best bet then is to record a video and put in a support ticket through the game.

I noticed the same thing, but it was not consistent. On some stages it worked and on others it did not.

@Ciuscon If you can’t create/post a video yourself, identify a stage that is broken and take a screenshot of the field that includes your heroes. That will give others that can take videos a place to test.

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What team are you using?

Maybe Locke already cleansed it away?

Spirit Link is a buff not a debuff, so it doesn’t cleanse away. The -def would cleanse, though…


if I get a spirit link, can Rigard remove it?

Nope, and I think it is because it is considered positive buff.

But Rigard wll actually make it work in its team favour.

Since you get the shared dmg, but no defense debuff. Which usually is even better than removing the spirit link.

I raid with Wilbur a lot and hate when it happens. Usually waiting with casting the Feast until after the cleansers fire.


but why can Sabina eliminate it but not with rigard? :thinking::thinking: strange

Because Sabina removes buffs. And it is considered a buff.

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Your Wilbur does 4 things when he fires:

A spirit link for your team (buff)
A defense bonus for your team (buff)
A spirit link for the enemy team (buff)
A defense decrease for the enemy team (debuff)

With this, you can figure out what different specials will remove.

  • A cleanser on the enemy team (e.g. Rigard) removes -def but leaves the spirit link
  • An “enemy buff remover” from your team (e.g. Sabina) will remove the spirit link but leaves the -def
  • A cleanser on your team (e.g Rigard) won’t remove anything
  • An “enemy buff remover” from the opposite team (e.g. Sabina) will remove both your spirit link and your +def

Ok thanx for the detail :wink:

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