Wilbur, Wu Kong or maybe Drake Fong? (Monk Talent)

Hello guys,

I ve been wondering which Monk Talent should i work on?
I have a fully upgraded Wilbur and Wu and miss a pair o Darts to ascend Drake to the next level.
Should i keep my embleds or spend them on a 4* hero?

Thanks in advance

Wilbur +1

Good Tank , Buff , Debuff , First rate hero for Titan

The schools of thought on emblem usage are EXTREMELY varied at this stage so there is not currently a “right” answer. However, rule of thumb is to decide if you want to make your 5* crazy strong or your 4* as strong as a 5*. With your specific question I think Wilbur is a no brainer but Aeron is also a monk and so is Tarlakk…just some things to consider.

I chose Wu over Wilbur myself due to Titan damage. It is a hard choice though

I am 10 emblems away from Drake +8. What path would you choose? And why? I didn’t decide yet…

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