Wilbur talent grid

I’m upgrading Wilbur in the talent grid - which way do I go health or defence?

Attack and cruelty :face_with_monocle:

So left or right first off, I’m at Level 1. Sorry, this is the first hero I’m using talents on. I saw it wasn’t worth using them on Kiril so I’ve been saving them up

So I should go right first? Lol I don’t know what I’m doing!

Defence all the way. Going for attack on him would be silly as he hasn’t got attacking special. He is a buffer to other heroes so he needs to survive, so defence and HP.


I would advise Defense over Health, because I’m of the opinion that Defense helps you slightly more than Health.
So going left or right on the first choice, it really depends on whether you want Wilbur to just stay alive and do his buffs, or if you want his tile damage to somewhat increase when you use him in attack teams.

My advice: Heroes who do not use their attack power for their special ability should focus on Def+HP. Heroes who use their attack power for their special ability should focus on Atk+Def.

Therefore: I advise to go left for the first Wilbur choice, the one that first gives Health and then Def on the next node.

In the whole Wilbur tree if I would max his tree I would go like this: Health, Def, Attack, Def, DefX, Health, Def, Attack, Def, Def, Health, Heal bonus.
Or in other words: left, left, left, left, right, left, left.

Hope it helps!


Amazing, that’s really helpful! Thank you!

I also prefer defense, health and attack,in that order. He is a utility hero and needs to survive to cast his special. Also, Kiril and Wilbur are from two different classes, so I don’t spending emblems on Wilbur prevents you from doing so on Kiril.

This is how my Wilbur looks like currently :slight_smile:


Hi, I know this message is late, but I was looking for info on Wilbur and I came across your comment and am wondering if you can help me with my little dilemma?

You said that heroes that have special abilities that attack, should go the Attack+Defense route. Would you do the same for Guardian Falcon and Guardian Jackal? I know they strike, but I feel like they are more utility than a striker. Also, I am thinking the elemental defense down we get from them makes up for the “loss” attack from not going the attack+defense route but defense+health route. What do you think?

I, myself thinks that Guardians are utility heroes because of their elemental def down. Same with Hansel, even he has sniper skill, but his mana control more important to me.

Did you end up going defense+health route for your guardians?

No talent yet, but I will.

Not sure about G.Jackal maybe he really need more survivability. But for G. Falcon I would take attack path.

Guardian Jackal is a glass cannon. He has an insane attack stat which gets even more insane on embleming. Most people take the attack route on him, though you could take a few defence nodes if you want him a little sturdier. His best use is as a sniper. Pair him with Joon and they’ll will 1-2 kill almost any hero from full health to flat out dead. He is a short battle hero - kill or get killed. His rogue talent tends to save him more than any defense or health!

Falcon has sturdier stats so depends on use. He is a longer battle hero. If you use him as an attacker, you can go the attack route. But most use him as a buffer who also does a bit of attack - in which case defense is better. He can also be a defender mid game at tank or flank positions, unlike jackal who you will rarely see on defense, outermost wing at most.

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Wilbur is very nice going the defence/HP route with emblems, this was the route I took and my finished Wilbur. I could have gone with more defence but I wanted more HP.

All the best.

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This helped me alot, thanks.

Thanks, I will compare with my wilbur and consider where to take him.

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