Wilbur special skills


Why have you changed special skills of Wilbur?
This is really not a good step and unfair for those, who already leveled up the hero. You should compensate it somehow…




He may be referring to the fact that the update came out but the part of his skill removed was not added back to his card.


Possible, but I doubt it.


well, the only way he would see the change is by seeing the card before and after update 15.0.0.

It has been posted that there is an update to fix it (15.0.1), however the spirit link for the defending players is not back on the card…

I haven’t tested whether it is there or not yet…

Edit…It is not back yet…


Petri just mentions they fixed the freezing issue, whatever that was, but nothing about restoring the special as of yet.


If you read the original post it said it would be back with 15.1


I did. It says 15.1, not 15.0.1.


That it does. I wonder how long that will take. I figured if that had something to do with the issue they would take care of them both at the same time. Guess not…


Could very well be a typo and he meant 15.0.1. Dunno though, :smiley:


You never know with this game. Guess that is what makes it fun…