Wilbur shared effects

Wilbur’s shared effects don’t work all the time. Sometimes they only work on some of the enemies. Sometimes they don’t work on the offensive team either.

It is Wu Kong’s fault :wink:
His special skill makes other special skill have a chance to fail.
That is what happened


So is that a bug? Or is it like his gambler stance?

Just make sure activate wilbur before wu, it’s his gambler stance, or be ready that he can miss

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Shared damage is dispellable on enemies. You probably triggered melendor to heal, and he dispelled while wu’s special was enabled.

That means he most likely missed dispelling some of the enemies.

Not a bug.

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In that case, Mel would have dispelled the share damage, but the -def would have stayed.
@BlackBerry it is not a bug. Gambler’s stance works for special skill as well. So Wilbur’s special, under Wu’s skill, has 32% chance to miss.
Use Wilbur first :wink:


Ok looking closer, he did fire wilbur with wu’s special on since the other monsters don’t have the defense debuff on them.

Whoops lol


Thanks guys, that was a big help.


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