Wilbur share special in event not working some levelss


I was doing legendary in Avalon and noticed that in some cases Wilburs special doesnt trigger the shared damage. At first I thought Im just imagining this and then saw it couple more times. Its only the share that sometimes doesnt trigger and no it wasnt an enemy resisting or such, it just doesnt work sometimes.

@Petri - I will also check whether this happens in beta as well

Are you sure?
Is the debuffs missing or the spirit link?
I thought the same but then i realise i was shooting a dispeller and wilbur link is considered a buff!

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Have wu-kong,maybe?20


Nope … I checked all possibilities and def an issue

BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Colen, Scarlett attacking team

maybe you were fighting Black Knight? his skill wont allow you to hit others with you special

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100% sure that what @Expired said will be the case.
I noticed it as well and then tought: Huh what’s happening here, why does he not apply correctly until my brain strated working and noticed that black knight has the taunt abillity that prevents this.
In other levels have not seen him hit all the enemies so working as inteded.


I have noticed the same thing, but I thought it was because I had caedmon firing after him and removing his buff. Interesting thing was that wilbur`s defense down was still active, but only shared damage was missing.
I have made a video of this effect, and will try to find it on my phone and upload it.

That’s the expected behaviour, because Caedmon only removes the positive effects, not the negative ones. Shared damage is considered as good :smiley:

Here it is. You can clearly see little icons of wilbur`s buff when he fires, there is a shared damage active until caedmon fires (and removes buffs). After that, def.down remains, but the shared damage is gone.

As stated these were my heroes. No debuffer etc.

I will try and replicate in beta

Okay I might just be an idiot.

I think indeed it was taunt.

Sorry, you can close this. I will still check but for now I replicated it in beta with a taunt hero.


you are not an idiot or anything
all of us here miss few things and some details get lost
we share our knowledge and discuss things we thought it was a bug to try to find solutions or an actual bug that requires fixing
i remember when Kage many of my former alliance members thought that there is a bug where he cant be hit from counter attacks
and you can find still ongoing new topics how Wilbur will not share damage after using Eveyin, Zeline, Sonya, etc…

am just glad that we found the missing part :slight_smile:


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