Wilbur,& Scarlett for a titan?

The real question is . Would anyone take Wilbur,& Scarlett+ranvir to a titan fight at 3/60 ,3/70 for rav .

Depends on the titan level. Could be a good team.


They will work very well together, this is my titan team (mostly for 10* now)


Wilbur + Ranvir. Triple YES

  • Scarlett --> green titans especially unless you dont have lots of good heroes

Ranvir is better to use when at 4/20 minimum

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We mainly are at 7* titans at the moment. Currently a 8* dark . Just took rav at 3/11 . With jackel at 3/60. And li lux at 4/70+6. And got 44k first flag. With 25k on the other two. About to get the last blade I need to ascendWilbur to his final tier. But yes green titans . Was thinking . Just wasn’t sure at 3/60 is wise. Didn’t do bad with jackel at 3/60. But rav helped of course a whole lot. Should I take rav to every titan. Minus the ones that reflect holy

Yes, he is like Wukong, you need him on every titan except Holly(yellow) Gryph

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