Wilbur’s utility

Where would you put Wilbur on defense? Does he make a good tank?

Honestly, I can’t recommend using him on defense at all. An attacker could easily turn Wilbur’s special around to their benefit with a combination of Sonya (to dispel the defenders’ spirit link/defense buff) and Kiril (to turn the attackers’ spirit link/defense debuff into a spirit link/defense buff). If he’s the only 4* red you have, though, he’d likely work best in the left flank position.

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Thanks now I can kill him. :hugs::
But :open_mouth:
I don’t have Sonya or any of same effecties :sob:
Dang me :face_with_head_bandage:

Wilbur’s utility is in raid attacking and color stacking. There are several posts supporting this, and some with videos of all red teams beating teams in a couple turns due to the entire enemy team taking damage as if they were all weak to the matched color. Very fun / effective, and he has some really good interactions with Khiona and others.