Wilbur’s special skill is in the way

Wilbur special revolving fish get in the way of seeing tiles when battling Titans. When time is of the essence, 1 to 1 1/2 seconds of distraction really are irritating and distracting I suggest they display be moved over the opponents, or made lighter to be seen through or smaller

most specials do that, its not a bug its just annoying special effects that we should have option to remove them from the settings

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The specials are full of symbolism. They want to blindfold the player on purpose. Fisrt, if you loose your concentration your performance is naturally poorer. Second, all the games, mainly RPG games, have the “educational” function about issues that cannot be passed by school, religion, work and so on…

if you’re that worried about it, memorize the location of your next move before you fire off the special. Or hit fast forward if you don’t care what match occurs.


Agree with @DJQuixo , as annoying as it is, I’d suggest being as self-aware as possible and memorizing your next move before setting off Wilbur. That’s what I try to do, at least. It’s not perfect, but it’s part of the game. Wilbur gives players a pretty huge advantage [for titans], so if a second long animation is the price to pay to use him- I know I’m definitely willing to do that.

Of course if they removed it I wouldn’t complain, but to me, it’s fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things.


some 5 star specials do. I can’t think of another 4 star that does this (I’m not saying there isn’t, just that I can’t think of it).

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I feel like Wilbur edges close to breaking the game. After watching him in use, he makes events laughably easy and low levels able to hang with 9/10* titans

Shhh lets not tell SG


You just did… and they do take note of these things… :persevere:

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Whatchu talking about?! Wilbur sucks, I can’t bring him anywhere!!!

Buff him!!

There :grin:


Just had the oddest raid. Both sides having left Wilbur only. Took forever to win that raid. Had to wait until the bonus damage and some lucky tiles to win. :joy:

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Though, I do agree. But I’m trying to be inconspicuous about it, can you tell? :wink:

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Back to topic; the animation only lasts a few seconds

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Also, the icon for spirit link stays on the opponent even after it’s been dispelled or has expired sometimes. Or maybe just after it expires. There have been a number of times when I inspected an opponent who seemed to have had the icon for too long, and the effect was no longer in place

I need to start doing this. I’ve been annoyed by Wilbur’s special graphic in Titan hits myself.

On iOS you can continue matching while the animations run. I often have 2- 4 animations overlapping when matching. For example I just ran Warcry, Skeletal Summons and matched 4 to create a Dragon shield.

Useless info: On the Boss wave you can even have the Boss explosion overlapping the special skill animations.

Titan special skills freeze the board until the white flash at the end of their animation.
Killing the last mob in a wave freezes the board until the travel animation ends.

Related, I have a trick for remember my next match. Click on one of the two shields you want to slide. Example if you want to swap a green and a red, you might click the red shield. This shield will get white corner frames, trigger the special, then tap the other shield. Example trigger Sonic Wall then tap the green tile.

For Dragon shields and Power shards, you just have to remember which of the multiple Dragon shields and Power shards on the board you want to trigger.

If time is not of the essence, you can click a shield next to the Dragon shield or Power shard, marking it with white corner frames. However when you click the Dragon shield or Power shard it will try and swap the two and possible reswap them if there is not a valid match.

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