Wilbur problem

Since the update I’ve noticed multiple misfires by Wilbur. His special is not effecting all enemies. It has nothing to do with any other buffs or ailments to him or the enemy. He has also fired and hit all, but the enemy doesn’t show the link or def down symbol.

Did you used Wu before?

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What part of there were no buffs did you not understand?

Sorry for my dumb question.
‘No’ was the part I didn’t understand :no_mouth:

No buffs on anyone, Wu not used.

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Since it’s not related to a miss from Wu’s Gambler’s Stance, it’s possible it’s related to this:

@Naynay Have you found this happens inconsistently? Every time? In certain circumstances?

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic — depending on whether it seems to be following the same trend as the other similar reports)

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I’ll do a few more runs and check back in a bit

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Thanks, I think it’ll ultimately be very helpful for the devs.

FWIW, I haven’t noticed this issue in my usage of Wilbur the last several days — so I’m guessing there’s some particular circumstance that it happens in. If it’s when there was previously a defense or other buff on the target, that would seem to match up well to those other reports.

I’ve noticed this, most commonly affects me when I’ve taken the tank out on a raid and he seems to only affect one side of the remaining 4 heroes. I don’t often use Wu and there was no blind and I’ve noticed 2 or 3 times. Actually mentioned it to my alliance and it hasn’t happened since last night.

Ok so it’s not happening all the time, it’s random. It happened twice yesterday. Once in a raid and once farming

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I think something similar may have happened to me while I was playing one of the Shiloh stages, but I wasn’t positive I hadn’t just missed something, and then I couldn’t reproduce it again.

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Yeah it happens so quickly and if not paying full attention, you’ve taken next move and too late to take screen shot. I’ll keep on it and record when it happens. I’ll take screenshot next time. It’s definitely happening though, just not all the time

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Thanks for you’re continued investigation! :slight_smile:

Is the enemy Rogue? They might evade special

Not in the case where I think I observed this, but that’s a good point to consider.

Not in my case either

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this same thing happening with guardian panther. hit them and her minus debuff is not showing up on characters

Keep in mind that is a visual bug, debuff on ennemy should work even if not showed up.

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