Wilbur or Ares?

I have both Ares and Wilbur, which one should I work on first knowing I don’t have the rings to fully ascend Ares.

If you don’t have the rings then the answer would have to be Wilbur


Wilbur easy. He is a must for titans. Ares only if you don’t have a better tank, but I think I would still go with Wilbur even if I did have the rings.


The tank I use at the moment is Delilah.

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I’ve got the Rings and have Ares and Zim at 3-70 but just pulled Mitsuko.

Zim was going to get them and become my red tank but now it’s gotta be Mitsy.

Ares, as much as I love bringing him along on titans and raids is not a defensive tank in the sense that this game is played anymore. Put him in the middle on defense and people will run tiles at him all day to charge their specials, debuff him and kill.

Delilah is a little beast of a Tank- absolutely hate seeing her on raid teams and generally skip due to the annoyance of the minions. She’s your defensive tank.

How close are you to having the rings? Mount Umber and your next set of rings is only 3 rare quests away.

@Snowdoggydogg, if I were you, I’d level up Zimkitha over Mitsuko if I were you. Personally I would go Ares, ZimKitty then Mitsuko, but you seem hell-bent on leaving Ares behind… idk

@General_Confusion, here is my list of ascension materials.

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Ahh…long ways to go. Do Wilbur. He is almost a 5 star anyway…if they had just added some AOE damage when his special went off he would be a 5.


I have Marj at T4 and have been working Falcon since I got him in the event this month, pulled Wilbur this morning, and I’m thinking he will be my red focus as well!

IMO Wilbur can be used effectively in more situations than G. Falcon…but I’m sure there are some who would disagree.


Ares is better at 4/80 than 3/70.

Wilbur will get maxed with the same mats as ares to 3/70. And be cheaper/faster too. Do him first.

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In addition, there really is no other hero that does anything like what Wilbur does aside from 3* heroes. (Although there are many other defense buffers and debuffers)

Ares special does three things, heal over time, attack buf, and crit buf. All of those have at least one other 4*/5* hero doing that, if not five.


I have exactly this dilemma:

Witt Atlantis pulls yesterday I drew Ares AND Wilbur. Other red heroes are BT +9, Elena 3.1 and rest unlevelled vanilla 4*.

I really need a good tank, actual tank is Rigard +9. But I think Wilbur could be max in a month, Ares…?

At the moment I’m thinking of maxing Ares first (have eight hidden blades and seven rings), would you back me up here?

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Ares is one of the most solid tanks you can have right now.

Basically good in all aspects if you need an all rounder tank (you can bring him to all situations). Just flank him with good heroes and he is good to go.

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