Wilbur Kiril and Rigard

Currently I have a maxed kiril and rigard. For some time they make a great combo for defense, kiril as tank and rigard as flank. Just recently I pulled Wilbur. I am maxing him now and planning to replace kiril to support rigard, or Wilbur and kiril. Now, does Wilbur’s special Defense buff stack with kiril’s? Other members are Triton drake and sargasso (or khagan, being maxed also)

They override eachother :frowning:

Fire kiril before wilbur then u get kiril attack buff with wilbur defense buff and spirit link

Wilbur and Kiril’s defense buff doesn’t stack. Kiril’s defense buff is 30% for 3 turns and Wilbur’s is 63% for 4 turns. If you’re using them both, better make sure to activate Kiril first and then Wilbur. Then Wilbur’s superior defence buff will overwrite Kiril’s weaker one, but Kiril’s attack buff will remain in place.

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I’m in the same situation, near maxed Kiril and rigard.

I also pulled BT but decided to lvl Wilbur because BT is similar to kiril.

Question on Wilbur buff once spirit link is on.

When you have 5 heroes, each will share 20% of the damage.

If one hero dies during the link, so now you have four heroes left, does the % damage shared update to 25% for each remaining hero or does the original 20% stay the same?

Probably been answered before but I couldn’t find answer, thanks.

@l2ider Well they do update to 25% the damage is shared with all of your allies that are alive.

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