Wilbur glitching...is it just me?

On my last raid, noticed that even though Wilbur’s symbol was attached to the opponents whole team, damage only occurred on the target. Thought I missed it, so watched more closely. On next attack no shared damage-and yes, triangular thingy was up on whole team. Before next hit ya a right wing, checked the stats on left wing opponents… after attack, no damage received.
Unfortunately I noticed this on my last raid flag, and after farming all my WE. If I’m still awake when next raid flag regenerates, I’ll post again.
Is this only me?
…I don’t have video apps to record…

Ok, next raid, no shared damage. Following raid (after flask to confirm) no problem at all…
Momentarily glitching?
Anyone else seen this?

I noticed this using Wilbur farming in S2. After using his special there was no shared damage and the middle monster died by itself, had no dispellers on my team. Next round his special worked how it’s supposed to :thinking:

Do you remember which province?

Season 2 Province 16 Stage 8 with dense fog.

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Thanks! I’m going to take a look too and see if it happens for me too.

Are you sure the special didn’t ‘miss’ due to dense fog stage? Is part of how the stage works, slow mana gen and chance of specials to miss

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I’ve noticed that a couple times in raids… It’s not consistant.

There is also an issue where Evelyn (or any cleanser) removes the shared damage. I don’t know why shared damage would be considered a buff. If you have a cleanser on your team fire them first, then Wilber and shared damage will apply as usual.

So I played the level through a few times with Wilbur, and the only effect I observed was what @Fridgie is describing, where Wilbur’s special will miss some of the enemies. But the ones who were hit shared damage normally for me. Have you had a repeat of the issue?

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It’s not the fog, it’s doing it to me 8/7. The funny thing is that if I activate Wilbur and shoot lianna works and kills the two, if I shoot Kagebured only one.

I’ve been testing Wilbur on revenge raids since noticed the bug. I updated yesterday, and have not seen it happen since

One thing I’ve been thinking about since, and don’t know the details well enough yet… at time of first post, this was happening during raids. I wasn’t paying attention if the opponent heroes had levelled the talent. Some of the talent descriptions are to resist special…can they resist is the debuff special is already applied?
The instant damage scores move pretty quick, and I didn’t notice if a ‘resist ‘ was appearing. I was checking damage by the opponent hero info screen before and after the hit

Kageburado dispels before he damages, so he will remove the Soul Connection before hitting. This is why he’s only dealing damage to one enemy.


Shared damage on the enemy will get dispelled by a dispelling Ally.

Important to remember this.

I have experienced the same issues with Wilbur on numerous different levels in both seasons.

It just happened again in S2 17-2 normal , boss round. I got a good chance to test it. This is a fog level, and special has a chance to miss. Wilbur’s special hit all, and the buff/debuff symbols were on all opponents. I checked HP of all 3 opponents before and after tile attacks, and watched the instant damage points very carefully. Absolutely no shared damage.
When special has run its course, the defence down shield was removed, but the share triangles stayed in place even after 6 additional turns.
Unfortunately all opponents were dead at this point and I could not continue the test .

If it has any influence, I was using Sonya, Gretel, Wilbur, Tarlac and Sabina. Gretel is talent 2, and her special was applied in the same turn as Wilbur in the boss round. (All specials charged and ready for boss round fired left to right excluding Sabina)
When I get additional WE, I will repeat this test.

@RAAA I don’t know if you don’t have a recording app because you don’t want to, but in case you’d like a recommendation, DU recorder is very simple to use, most e&p player use it :slight_smile:

No recording app due mostly to lack of space on phone. ‘They’ keep trying to sell me more storage in their cloud, I don’t know why They can’t just add a card slot on the handset…a pet hate

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WE built up enough to re-test. Wilbur’s special was perfect, not a single glitch.
I imagine a glitch would repeat with regularity. Possible there’s a variable I’m not replicating each time.
I’ll need to get a recording app now.

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